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Dr. Calder has been a faculty member at UTSA since 1979, teaching and publishing first as a member of the Department of Criminal Justice until 2006, then to present in the Department of Political Science and Geography.  He was named Interim Department Chairman in 2014 and from 2017-2019.  He received a B.A. degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland-College Park, an M.S in Criminology from California State University at Long Beach, and the Ph.D. in Government at the Claremont Graduate University.  Dr. Calder’s first academic position was at the University of Maryland’s Institute for Criminal Justice and Criminology in between positions in corporate security at two major aerospace companies in Southern California, leaving that field as manager of security operations at the Hughes Aircraft Company’s Missile Systems Group.  In recent years, his teaching in Political Science has included topics in global affairs, homeland security, the intelligence community and world affairs, federal justice policymaking, and politics in film.  His articles and books have focused mainly on security matters, political leaders, and crime control policies, including studies of American presidents and their roles in directing federal actions against organized crime.  He has served on many committees at UTSA and other administrative positions, including first Associate Dean in the College of Public Policy.  He is a long-serving member of the Underwriters Laboratories Security Council, the ASIS International Research Council, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, journal biographical studies editor, and  member other journal editorial boards.

Recent Courses

  • POL 2513 Politics and the Administrative Process
  • POL 3743 Politics in Film
  • POL 3813 Politics and Federal Justice Policy

Recent Publications

  • Corporate Security in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice in International Perspective. Security Journal 29/3 (May): 1-6. (Book review). 2016.
  • Watching over Hong Kong: Private Policing 1841-1941. American Journal of Chinese Studies 23/1 (April): 105-107. (Book review). 2016.
  • "Influences of Investigations and Scholarly Studies on the Evolution of American Private Policing: Healthy Distrust, Watchful Eyes." In M. Gill (ed.) Handbook of Security (2nd ed.), 458-486. (Chapter). 2014.
  • "J. Edgar Hoover" (In J.S. Albanese (ed.), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. (Essay). 2014.
  • "Eliot Ness" (in J.S. Albanese (ed.), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. (Essay). 2014.
  • "Between Brain and State: Herbert C. Hoover, George W. Wickersham, and the Commission that Grounded Social Scientific Investigations of American Crime and Justice, 1929-1931 and Beyond. Marquette Law Review 96/4, 1035-1108. (Journal article). 2013.
  • "Eliot Ness: Gangbuster to Security Executive--A Meandering Career of Great Highs and Tragic Lows" Journal of Applied Security Research 6/2 196-208. (Journal article). 2011.
  • "Leslie R. Groves: Driven Leader, Caustic Personality, Obsessive Security Director, and Commemorated Advisor to Presidents" Journal of Applied Security Research 7/A 107-121(Journal article). 2011.
  • "Law and Politics and Occupational Consciousness: Industrial Guard Unions in the United States, 1933-1945", Journal of Applied Security Research 1-43 (Journal article). 2010.
  • "Frank Wills: The Lone Security Guard and a Constitutional Crisis: Fifteen Minutes of Fame," Journal of Applied Security Research 5/2 (April-June): 228-233 (Journal article). 2010.
  • The Origin of Organized Crime in America: The New York City Mafia 1891-1931. Journal of American History 96/3: 887-888 (Book review). 2009.
  • Transnational Threats: Smuggling and Trafficking in Arms, Drugs and Human Life, by Thachuck (ed) International Criminal Justice Review 252-253 (Book review). 2009.
  • "Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and the Path to the War on Organized Crime: Politics and the Early Strike Force Concept," Critical Issues in Justice and Politics 2/1 (March):17-52 (Journal article). 2009.
  • "From Apalachin to the Buffalo Project: Obstacles on the Path to Effective Federal Responses to Organized Crime, 1957-1967," Trends in Organized Crime 11/3 (September): 207-269 w/W.S. Lynch(Journal article). 2008.
  • "Been There But Going Where?: Assessing Old and New Agendas in Security Research and Study," Security Journal 20/1 (September): 3-8 (Journal article). 2007.


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