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Dr. Thomas Bellows is a Full Professor in the Department of Political Science & Geography at UTSA.  His areas of specializations are; Comparative Politics, Asian Politics. International Security Policy. 
He is the Editor of the American Journal of Chinese Studies, and on the Board of Directors of American Association for Chinese Studies.

Dr. Bellows, Phi Beta Kappa, earned his PhD in Political Science at Yale University.

Some of Dr. Bellows publications include “The Republic of China’s Legislative Yuan: a Study of Institutional Evolution”, “Taiwan and Mainland China: Democratization, Political Participation, and Economic Development in the 1990’s”, and “No Change in Sight: Party Politics and the Legislative Yuan during the Global Economic Crisis,” Taiwan and the Global Economic Storm.” People and Politics: An Introduction to Political Sceince

Recent Courses

  • POL 2533 Introduction to Political Science
  • POL 3433 Government and Politics: South East Asia
  • POL 3443 Government and Politics of East Asia

Recent Publications

  • Editor " American Journal of Chinise Studies." 19 years.
  • "Meritocracy and Singapore Political System" Asian Journal of Political Science, Vol.17 No.1 pp 24-44. 2009.
  • "No Change in Sight: Party Politics and the Legislative Yuan During the Global Economic Crisis," in Bryce Wakefeild, Ed., Taiwan and the Global Economic Storm. Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson  International Center for Scholoars, pp 20-27. 2009.
  • "Statecraft of Modern Texas: Perspectives on Politics and History". New York: W.W. Norton & Compnay, with Felix D. Almaraz (book monograph). 2007.
  • The Republic of China's Legislative Year: A study of Institutional Evolution East Asia Studies, University of Maryland 2007.
  • "The Anti-Sucession Law: Framingand Political Change in Taiwan," Asian Journal of Political, Science, 2015
  • "The Singapore Polity: Adaption and Success, East Asia Studies", under contract, 2018


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