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Want to learn about the difference between Socrates and Spinoza or the importance of Aristotle for Ayn Rand? Interested why the Greeks won at Thermopylae or how the Romans built (and lost) their Empire? Do you wonder why we keep making movies and writing books based on Greek myth or Roman history (or why Brad Pitt is a good choice to play Achilles in the movie Troy)? Or, would you like to know the Greek roots of “nostalgia” or the Latin background of words like “republic” and “liberty”, or for that matter “dictatorship”, “fascism”, and “regime”?
There’s only one place at UTSA where you can go to study the foundations of our culture and the big ideas that have shaped its history from antiquity to modern times!

The Department of Philosophy and Classics administers two degree programs, several minors and two languages. Students who take courses offered by our department enjoy the benefit of intrinsically interdisciplinary approaches, smaller class sizes and an expert and dedicated faculty. Courses and faculty specialties allow students to trace the development of ideas and themes from Greco-Roman antiquity to the modern world while also focusing on critical thinking and writing skills. Our programs provide the kind of rigorous intellectual training that will prepare you for the challenges of our rapidly changing world, whether you plan to go to graduate school, professional school, enter the job market immediately or strike out on your own.

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