College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Religious Studies Minor

Minor in Religious Studies

All students pursuing the Minor in Religious Studies must complete 21 semester credit hours.
A. Required courses
HUM 2093 World Religions: 3
PHI 3013 Philosophy of Religion: 3

B. Select five courses from the following: 15
AHC 1113 Survey of Art and Architecture from Prehistoric Times to 1350
ANT 3133 Ritual and Symbol
ANT 3883 Death and Dying
CLA 2323 Classical Mythology
CLA 3123 Cultural Issues in Classical Antiquity
HIS 2543 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
HIS 3463 History of Religion in the United States
HUM 3213 The Christian Classics
HUM 3223 The Bible as Literature
HUM 4973 Senior Seminar in Humanities
PHI 3073 Asian Philosophy
PHI 4973 Seminar for Philosophy Majors
SOC 3093 Religion and Society


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