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Faculty Activities

Faculty Activities

Michael Almeida, Ph.D.:  Almeida's book entitled Cosmological Arguments is under contract with Cambridge University Press and his book entitled Theism and Modal Realism is under review at Oxford University Press. Almeida has about nine articles in print in (2017) or forthcoming. These include, among others, 'Theistic Modal Realism I: The Challenge of Theistic Actualism', Philosophy Compass Vol. 12, (2017) 1-14, 'Theistic Modal Realism II: Theoretical Benefits', Philosophy Compass Vol. 12 (2017) 1 – 17, 'A posteriori Anselmianism', Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy, 'Actuality and Anselm', in Graham Oppy (ed.) Ontological Arguments (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 'Unrestricted Actualization and Perfect Worlds: A Reply to Langtry', Dean Zimmerman and Philip Swenson (eds.) Value Theory and Philosophy of Religion, and 'Endurantism, Fixity, and Fatalism', Symposium on John Martin Fischer's Our Fate: Essays on God and Free Will, in Science, Religion and Culture.

Eve Browning, Ph.D.  Eve Browning presented an invited paper and also chaired a session at the annual conference of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, Fordham University Lincoln Center, New York City, on October 21-22 2017

Presented the keynote address and a main-program paper at a conference in Olympia, Greece, in July 2017: "Xenophon on Beauty" and "To Gaze Upon Panthea: Beauty and Risk".  Both papers will be published in the journal Xenophon.2.2017.  She was also inducted as an honorary member into the Olympic Society for Philosophy & Culture.

Xunwu Chen, Ph.D.  Article "Mind and Space: A Confucian Perspective" will be published in the journal Asian Philosophy.

Andrew Helms, Ph.D.  is publishing an article entitled "Étienne Gilson, Duns Scotus, and Actual Existence: Weighing the Charge of Essentialism" in the July-September issue of the journal "Studia Gilsoniana." He is also working on a paper that deals with Duns Scotus's views on the connection between beauty and morality. 

Abraham Graber, Ph.D. published an article entitled "Lessons from Tuskegee: What law enforcement can learn from the history of bioethics" in the journal Criminal Justice Ethics, vol. 35 no.3.

Jill Hernandez, Ph.D. published a book entitled Early Modern Women and the Problem of Evil: Atrocity & Theodicy, Routledge 2016.

Jonathan MacLellan, Ph.D. "Dr MacLellan's co-authored article, "Ezekiel's Exagoge and the Politics of Hellenistic Theatre: Mosaic Hegemony on a Ptolemaic Model" will soon be published in a special edition of the Journal of Ancient Judaism (forthcoming). He is also working on a second article, "(Re-)Branding the Ptolemies: The Politics of Recognition in Ezekiel's Exagoge and 3 Maccabees", which will be published as part of a conference proceedings focusing on Elite Identity and Self-Representation in the Ancient World. In January 2018, he will present more of his research on the performance of Ezekiel's Exagoge at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies in Boston." 

Joshua Thurow, Ph.D. is publishing an article entitled "Finding Collective Sin and Recompense in Anselm's Cur Deus Homo" in the journal American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly. Dr. Thurow is also a member of an international national network of scholars associated with Crispin Wright' research project centered at the University of Sterling, Knowledge beyond Natural Science. The project is focused on coordinated investigation of philosophical problems associate with self-knowledge and the a priori. Dr. Thurow also received an INTRA grant from UTSA to fund work on a new book manuscript, tentatively titled You Just Believe that Because...: The Epistemology and Ethics of Debunking.

Alistair Welchman, Ph.D. has a number of publications of various sorts coming out in 2017. First, his co-translation of the second volume of Schopenhauer’s main work, The World as Will and Representation is in proofs with Cambridge and slated to come out in the fall. It runs to some 300,000 words and has taken about seven years’ work! Second, his essay on Schopenhauer’s moral philosophy in the Cambridge History of Moral Philosophy is in press. It’s a very different kind of work, with a strict word limit and requiring a lot of concise argumentation. Third, also in proofs is his contribution on Schopenhauer and Schelling to the mammoth 4 volume Routledge History of Evil. And lastly—yet again in proofs—is his essay on Schopenhauer’s Metaphysics (or his two different metaphysics, as I argue) in the Palgrave Companion to Schopenhauer. He is currently working on a paper on Schelling and Schopenhauer with Prof. Judith Norman (Trinity University) for the Oxford companion to Schopenhauer. Our very own graduate student Blake Prater was a big help doing some of the textual research for this paper.


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