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About the Department . . .

About the Department . . .

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers B.A. and M.A. degrees in Spanish and a B.A. degree in Modern Language Studies with a concentration in French, German, Japanese, and Russian. In addition, students can complete a Minor in all the above languages, as well as in Comparative Literature, Foreign Languages (Italian and Japanese), East Asian Studies and Linguistics.  Skills-development courses are offered in all languages with a Major or Minor, and in Korean and Chinese. The department also offers courses in Media Studies, which allow students to put into practice their theoretical studies in the humanities.

The B.A. degree in Spanish is designed to develop students’ specialized knowledge of culture, literature, and language.  The B.A. degree in Modern Language Studies gives students the opportunity to study various cultural aspects of a language area.

The M.A. degree in Spanish provides a body of general knowledge in the Spanish language and in Spanish literatures and cultures.  The M.A. can serve as a means to an immediate career path and as preparation for further graduate study.

The Certificate in Spanish Translation Studies is a 15-hour option in Spanish graduate studies with its primary focus on the language skills necessary to perform translation.

The Certificate in Linguistics is a 12-hour program that offers students the opportunity to explore the important role of language(s) in an increasingly globalized world.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures serves all undergraduate students at UTSA by offering a wide choice of languages for fulfillment of various core curriculum requirements. In addition, numerous UTSA students opt to enhance their future marketability by taking upper-division foreign language courses to support their career goals in business, the law, government work, education, and many other fields.  The B.A. degrees in these languages, combined with courses in education, fulfill the requirements for teacher certification. 

The Faculty

The faculty have been recruited from top universities in the United States and abroad.  They have expertise in a variety of fields, from linguistics, to literature and culture, to language acquisition, pedagogy, and technology.  Faculty are actively engaged in research and professional service, as well as the newest trends in teaching and learning.  Instructors in the department typically rank above the College and University mean in their teaching evaluations.


Scholarships and Awards

The Department offers a limited number of scholarships to students majoring and minoring in foreign languages.  Contact the department for more information at (210) 458-4373.  Additional scholarships may be available for study abroad.  Students who are interested in general UTSA scholarship opportunities should contact the Scholarship Office at JPL 1.01.04.  The department also recognizes exceptional students in all undergraduate language classes at the annual Foreign Language Award Ceremony every spring.

Advising and Testing

Students interested in majoring or minoring in a foreign language are urged to consult with the COLFA Academic Advising office located in MS 4.01.50 to discuss course selection and degree plans.  For information on Credit by Examination, students should contact the Testing Center at MS 1.01.04.


Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to include a Study Abroad component in their curriculum.  The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has ties to several universities and language schools abroad for summer, semester, and year-long study of language and culture.  Programs led by UTSA faculty are also available.


Limited internship opportunities are available for juniors and seniors who want to apply their knowledge of language and culture to a work experience at a company involved in multicultural or international activities.

Some Career Options for Language Majors and Minors

  • CIA and FBI

  • Music

  • Homeland Security

  • The Arts

  • Foreign Service

  • Public Relations

  • International Business

  • Publishing

  • Journalism

  • Teaching

  • Law Enforcement

  • Telecommunications

  • Medical Professions

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Law Enforcement


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