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Certificate in Linguistics

Certificate in Linguistics

Graduate students have an opportunity to supplement their graduate degrees with a 12-hour certificate program in linguistics which explores:

  • Bilingualism, multilingualism, and second language acquisition

  • The relationship between language and social factors (gender, age, class, ethnicity, etc.)

  • The internal structure of languages and how they change over time

  • Applied linguistics in the English or foreign language classroom

The Graduate Certificate in Linguistics is highly interdisciplinary, uniting 16 affiliated faculty members from six departments in three different colleges at UTSA. The goal of the certificate is to offer UTSA students the opportunity to explore the important role of language(s) in an increasingly globalized world. Students may study the internal structure of language or how language interacts with history, culture, education, and society. Because language is such a central part of the human experience, we expect students with many different career interests--future teachers, editors, translators/interpreters, counselors, non-profit and business professionals, among many others-- to benefit from the certificate.

Through this certificate, students will learn to draw connections between language, culture, education, and society by engaging in the scientific and humanistic study of language. This certificate will be particularly valuable for M.A. and Ph.D. students in the Humanities and Social Sciences seeking to enhance employment credentials as college and university instructors or language professionals in corporate, non-profit, and educational settings. This certificate can also be helpful to those interested in working as editors, translators, interpreters, foreign language and English teachers at all grade levels and in colleges, in counseling and tutoring assignments in writing centers in community colleges, and as bilingual education specialists.

The Graduate Certificate in Linguistics is available to degree-seeking students who have been admitted to any UTSA graduate program and who qualify for admission to the certificate program, as well as special graduate students who meet all the requirements outlined in the UTSA Graduate Catalog. 

The Graduate Certificate in Linguistics offers coursework in the advanced, interdisciplinary study of language for students working at the masters or doctoral level. This certificate will also enhance students’ employment credentials as college and university writing instructors, editors or professional writers in corporate, non-profit, and educational settings. Requirements: One foundations course (LNG 5003, SPN 5903, ENG 6033, ESL 5003) and 9 additional semester credit hours of approved graduate linguistics courses. Courses may be repeated when topics vary but not more than six (6) hours of any one course may be applied to the certificate without the approval of an advisor. No course in which a grade lower than “B” is earned may be used to complete a Graduate Certificate in Linguistics. In order to receive this certificate, students must maintain a 3.0 average GPA in the above courses. 

Program Requirements

A. Foundation Course (3)
Select one course from the following:

  • LNG 5003 Introduction to Linguistics

  • SPN 5903 Topics in Hispanic Linguistics

  • ENG 6033 Language and Linguistics

  • ESL 5003 Linguistics for Second Language and Bilingual Specialists

B. Elective Courses (9)
Select three of the following courses:

  • LNG 5013 Sociolinguistics      
  • LNG 5143 Forensic Linguistics
  • LNG 5153 Topics in Contemporary Linguistics          
  • SPN 5843 History of the Spanish Language   
  • SPN 5853 Spanish of the United States         
  • SPN 5863 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • SPN 5883 Spanish Morphology and Syntax   
  • SPN 5893 Spanish Dialects    
  • SPN 5903 Topics in Hispanic Linguistics        
  • ENG 6033 Language and Linguistics  
  • ESL 5003 Linguistics for Second Language and Bilingual Specialists 
  • ESL 5013 Foundations of Second Language Acquisition       
  • ESL 5083 Pedagogical Grammar        
  • ESL 6013 Second Language Acquisition Research     
  • BBL 5123 Sociolinguistics and Education      
  • BBL 7133 Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition    
  • BBL 7233 Seminar in Second Language Learning & Multilingualism
  • BBL 7243 Seminar in Applied Linguistics

Total Credit Hours: 12

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