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Korean Program

Korean Program


KOR 1014: Elementary Korean I
KOR 1024: Elementary Korean 2
KOR 2013: Intermediate Korean I
KOR 2023: Intermediate Korean 2
KOR 3023: Advanced Korean I 
KOR 3023: Advanced Korean 2
KOR 4213: Topics in Korean Culture
FL 4933: Internship
FL 4953: Special Projects


CSH 1213: Korean Pop Culture 
CSH 1213: Korean Tourism
CSH 2113/3823: Korean Films
CSH 3823/KOR 4213: Korean Culture through Korean drama series


Study Abroad in Korea:

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*Culture programs are subject to change.


If you are interested in learning more about the Korean programs at UTSA click here.
Contact Dr. Deukhee Gong for more information.


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