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Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination

The Comprehensive Examination is an alternative to the thesis in the Spanish Master of Arts program.


Download Assessment of Learning Objectives Form


Assessment of Learning Objectives

The paper is rated on the objectives below using the following numeric scale:

  • 1 – Poor (F)

  • 2 – Minimally Acceptable (D)

  • 3 – Average (C)

  • 4 – Good (B)

  • 5 – Excellent (A)

Overall: Meets department’s content and formatting specifications

  • Minimum 25 pages of content exclusive of appendices or works cited

  • Appropriate title which accurately reflects content and objectives of the study

  • 200-word abstract

  • Minimum of 5 keywords

Articulation of a clear hypothesis or thesis

Rationale / justification of study

Overall quality (relevance and timeliness) of sources

  • Use of appropriate primary sources

  • Critical interpretation of primary sources

Overall quality of formatting of citations and bibliography (MLA or APA)

  • Are sources correctly and duly acknowledged?

  • Are broad, sweeping generalizations supported with relevant sources?

  • Do the sources used in the body of the paper match those listed in the bibliography?


  • Clear, grammatical and coherent prose

  • Are there deficiencies (spelling, accent use, punctuation, agreement) that detract from the paper’s quality?

  • Has attention been paid to using a sufficiently academic register?

Overall quality

  • Design of a project/paper which reflects knowledge of the subject matter

  • Organization of evidence into a coherent argument

  • Coherence and organization of ideas throughout the paper. That is, do the supporting points have a logical structure and flow? Do they tie back to and clearly support the thesis?

  • Demonstration of significance of findings / conclusions


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