David Yelacic

Director of Center for Archaeological Research, Senior Project Archaeologist, Principal Investigator, Anthropology

David Yelacic



  • 2005 - Texas State University, San Marcos B.A. in Anthropology
  • 2010 - Texas State University, San Marcos M.S. in Geography, Thesis Title: Proyecto Arqueologico y Paleontologico Chivacabe : A Geomorphic and Geoarchaeological Investigation of Late Quaternary Environments in Northwestern Highland Guatemala


Yelacic, David M.
October 27, 2018. A Cross-Section of San Antonio Geoarchaeology, presented at the Texas Archeological Society 89th Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.

Yelacic, David M.
April 12, 2018. Formation and Context of Sitio Chivacabe, Western Highland Guatemala. In Electronic Symposium: Recent Developments in Mexican and Central American Preceramic Research. Society for American Archaeologists 83rd Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Yelacic, David M.
April 26, 2014. Poster entitled: The Nature and Archaeology of Spring Lake, a Persistent Place in Central Texas, presented at the Society for American Archaeologists 79th Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas.

Yelacic, David, Charles D. Frederick, and Jon C. Lohse.
February 27, 2012. Paper entitled: Proyecto Arqueologico y Paleontologico Chivacabe: Geomorphic and Geoarchaeological Results, presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New York, New York.


(Includes In Press)
Lohse, Jon C., David M. Yelacic, and Charles D. Frederick
2021 Chapter 7: Sitio Chivacabe, an Early Paleoindian site in Western Highland Guatemala. In Preceramic Mesoamerica, edited by Jon C. Lohse, Aleksander Borejsza, and Arthur A. Joyce. Routledge Press, Abingdon.

Lohse, Jon C., C. Andrew Hemmings, Michael B. Collins, and David M. Yelacic
2014 Putting the Specialization Back in Clovis: What Some Caches Reveal about Skill and the Organization of Production in the Terminal Pleistocene. In “An ExtraOrdinary Collection of Chipped Stone Artifacts”: Recent Research on Clovis Caches, edited by Bruce B. Huckell and J. David Kilby. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

Collins, Michael B., David M. Yelacic, and C. Britt Bousman
2011 “Realms,” a look at paleoclimate and projectile points in Texas. Bulletin of Texas Archaeological Society 82: 3-30.