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About the Program

The Minor in Museum Studies provides students with opportunities to develop expertise in the multiple disciplines that constitute museum operations.  Students gain historical, conceptual, and practical knowledge and skills in museology, curatorship, collections management, exhibition development, educational programming, and administrative operations.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to integrate academic, pre-professional, and practical training through coursework and project-based activities in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  Course work completed in a student’s major may contribute to the minor program.

For more information contact UTSA Academic Advising or the program coordinator Scott Sherer.


Enrichment Opportunities

The 18 credit hour program offers a wealth of opportunity for rigorous and immersed learning through coursework in Museum Studies and in a broad range of departments in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, as well as through internships and field-work in museums, galleries, archives, repositories and an array of institutions that engage with cultural history and produce public programs.  At UTSA, sites include the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC), Special Collections and Archives in the UTSA Libraries, the Center for Archeological Research, and the Art Galleries at the main and downtown campuses. Other local sites may include the Witte Museum, the San Antonio Museum of Art, the McNay Art Museum, the Briscoe Western Art Museum, the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, Say Sí, Artpace, The DoSeum, the San Antonio Conservation Society, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.


Degree Requirements

The Minor Museum studies requires 18 credit hours.


Required Courses (6 semester credit hours)

MSM 3003 Fundamentals of Museum Studies 3
MSM 4933 Museum Internship 3

MSM 4933 Museum Internship Guidelines - MSM 4933 Museum Internship Course Enrollment Form


Elective Courses (9 semester credit hours). From coursework completed in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Contact UTSA Academic Advising for more information.


AHC 3113 Contemporary Art 3
AHC 4333 Topics in Art History and Criticism (Histories of Display) 3
AHC 4933 Art Gallery and Museum Internship 3
ANT 3383 Folklore and Folklife 3
ANT 3413 The Ethnographic Experience 3
ANT 3543 Museum Studies in Anthropology 3
ANT 3713 Anthropology of Material Culture 3
ANT 3803 Media, Power, and Public Culture 3
ART 4833 Internship in the Visual Arts 3
ART 4983 Senior Seminar and Exhibition 3
CLA 3063 Topics in the Art and Architecture of the Classical World 3
CLA 3123 Cultural Issues in Classical Antiquity 3
ENG 4433 Advanced Professional Writing 3
HIS 3493 History of San Antonio 3
HIS 4133 History and the Public 3
MES 3333 Digital Video Production 3
MES 4333 Digital Video Practicum 3
MSM 4813 Topics in Museum Science 3
MSM 4913 Independent Study in Museum Studies 3
MSM 4933 Museum Internship 3
MUS 3103 Audio Technology I 3
MUS 3163 Audio Technology II 3
NPO 3003 Fundraising in Non Profit Agencies 3
SOC 3373 Qualitative Research Methods 3
SOC 4433 Culture and Society 3
SOC 4853 Special Studies in Sociology (Multimedia Applications in Sociology) 3

Other related courses may apply with approval of program coordinator.

A total of 6 semester credit hours of internship may apply.


MSM Course Descriptions


MSM 3003. Fundamentals of Museum Studies. 3 Credit Hours.  A general overview of the field of museum studies, including curatorship, collections management, fieldwork, exhibits, interpretation, educational and public programming, marketing, fundraising, and administration.

MSM 4813. Topics in Museum Science.  3 Credit Hours.  Prerequisite: MSM 3003 or consent of instructor. Advanced examination of one or more topics in the museum profession. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

MSM 4913. Independent Study in Museum Studies. 3 Credit Hours.  Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Scholarly research under the supervision of a faculty member on method, theory, or practice in the museum profession. May be repeated for credit, but not more than 6 hours of independent study, regardless of discipline, may apply to the Museum Studies minor or a bachelor’s degree.

MSM 4933. Museum Internship. 3 Credit Hours.  Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Supervised work at a museum in one or more areas of museum studies. Internships in other major or minor disciplines may be substituted for the Museum Internship course when conducted at museums or galleries. A total of 6 semester credit hours of internship may apply towards credit in the minor.


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