J.P. Newcomb Letters, San Antonio Public Library Archives



From Sansom, John W. to Newcomb, J. P.[1]



        Uvalde and Zavalla Counties

                  Uvalde, Texas, April 18th 1896


Hon.- J. P. Newcomb

Secty State Rep. Ex. Com.

Houston, Texas

Dear Sir

I write to say that I hope the Republican Convention that you are the Sect. of that is to meet & do business at Houston the 20th inst will in every respect be a success. I believe that if you can & do hold your organization untill four years longer, that all or most the White republicans of this State will freely if not camped join you in self defense. Our Austin Convention satisfies me that we can even be a respetable party in the State. So long as Mr. Currey, his followers & kind lead. I field like that Curry & company had held up the white and some the black republicans at Austin and went thru them like a highway rober, preying on his fellow man for booty. The Austin Republican in convention was certainly held up by Curry & Company.

All of which is well known by the reading people of Texas. As you well know I fought my way out this State give in hand also back for the respect I had for myself & country. I battled on the Texas Frontier hand to hand with the Indians before & since 1861.

Again you know that you as well myself have been a friend to the neagroe race; four years after the late nov (?), it was our kind that made it possible that he could vote atal, we give comfort to the Rebel Democrat & his vote also. Only to now, as for the last 25 years run out[?] trod down & persecuted by the Neagroe republicans & White democrat. Again I say you are right, so go ahead, make your case Save us in our old & last days from further abuse from the two elements above mentioned.


                               Yours most truly

J. W. Sansom P. S. Use this above on myself if you care to be of any good:


[1] Sansom to J.P. Newcomb, April 18, 1896, Volume 3, James P. Newcomb Letters, Trans. By Shirley Mackay, San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio, TX.