Newspaper Articles Prior to the Civil War

(These are an example of Newcomb’s Attitudes and Opinions as a Unionist)




The Alamo Express, October 23, 1860.

“Stand By The Union.”


Newcomb advices that the “…late election intelligence goes on to indicate a storm ahead, but it should be rather a cause of firmer and more determined action on the part of Union men, than of despondency and despair.”  He discusses the gains of Black Republicans in the north.  He admonishes that the “… very nationality of the country must be saved right under the … victorious banner of the Black Republicans.”  He warns that the divisions that exist among those opposing Lincoln (especially in the North) will lead to Lincoln’s victory.  He says that “… against three parties Black Republicanism is sure of victory, and unless the conservative element North is united, Lincoln beyond doubt is elected.”



The Alamo Express, Monday, February 18, 1861

“Why We Are For Union


“We care little for the judgment of men who in blind passion or with cool purpose of the demagog charge abolitionism or black republicanism upon a man or set of men or party, because of his or their devotion to the Union.  Such men … brand the whole states of true Southern men and slaveholders with unsoundness.”  Newcomb goes on to say that Unionists such as he “… are for Union because we believe the safety of the institution of slavery exists in the continuance of the Union, and that out of it, the institution will be crucified.”