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1.     Have the students summarize the grievances in their own words, as briefly as possible.

[Bexar Remonstrance Worksheet]

2.     Discuss whether or not any of these grievances are similar to issues between local and state/national government in Texas today.

3.     Using the document and the link to the US Declaration of Independence, have the students compare and contrast the two documents.

[Declaration/Remonstrance Worksheet]

4.     Role-playing: Have the students break up into groups, and in each group have them divide into two factions, the Mexican government and the Bexareños.  Have them come up with reasons for each sides’ position using the document, historical background behind the document, Austin’s opinions, the Mexican position as given by Filisola, as well as any additional context they may have learned regarding the Mexican period in Texas.  Try to get them to see the problem from the perspective of the Bexareños or the Mexican government.

 [Mexico vs. Bexareños Worksheet]

  1. As a class, debate the validity of these grievances, again using what they have learned.  In light of the evidence in the documents and the historical context, did the Bexareños or the Mexican authorities have the stronger position?  Or, were some points more valid than others?