UTSA student Robert Valdez II wearing a pendant he made in a class with Rubèn Rojo

The metal work course consists of eight lessons. At the end of each lesson the student will take home an original work. All classes are one-on-one individual lessons in the workshop on the Via Valerio. All materials used in the course are included in the cost.

The Eight lessons will cover work with wire, metal sheetwork, and welding as follows:

First Lesson: Brief description of the workshop and introduction to the skills, materials, and tools to be used. Demonstration of different ways of bending wire with pliers. Student begins work on a simple chain.

Second Lesson: Demonstration of how a spiral is made. Beginning work on a pair of earrings with the spiral as the basic element. Demonstration of writing with metal wire. Student begins work on writing his or her name.

Third Lesson: Introduction to working with metal sheets with tools (scissors, hacksaw, hammer, punches). Demonstration of tools and beginning of work using the different tools

Fourth Lesson: Explanation of how to make a rose. Student begins work on a rose. Brief introduction to welding.

Fifth Lesson: Explanation of welding techniques, different types of welders, and accessories. Demonstration of simple welds and practice welding.

Sixth Lesson: Construction of a letter of the alphabet using the hacksaw, file, and welder.

Seventh Lesson: Construction of a ring or pendant (chosen by the student) with a stone setting. For this work the student will apply skills used in the previous lessons

Eighth Lesson: Demonstration of melting silver and the subsequent drawing phases. Student constructs a pair of silver earrings.

Class LengthClass SizeCost (Including Materials)
8 lessons of 100 minutes eachIndividual Lessons€250 per person

It is also possible to take a shorter course consisting of 4 lessons at a price of €156 and add additional lessons on a topic of interest to the student at a rate of €36 per lesson.

My name is Rubén Rojo. I am 61 years old and have worked for 40 years as a craftsman in the metal industry. As a person who loves his job and his profession, I feel it is my responsibility to transmit my knowledge and experience to other people who are interested in learning this art. During the past 40 years I have developed a unique technique of coloring of hot metals, which means that my production is recognizable and inimitable. I produce jewelry and objects in my workshop using different metals and recycled materials such as watches and other materials. You can see my work on the mariposaartigianato FaceBook page or follow me on Instagram.

For more on Rubèn Rojo’s products, read the profile in the 2016 edition of the Urbino Project