The Prep Classes and Lezioni Italiane provide students the tools to fully enjoy the academic opportunities and incredible life experiences presented during their semester abroad.  Students will learn what to expect during the signature experience in Urbino, Italy and will be introduced to a different culture through a series of survival Italian–the Lezioni Italiane–and lectures given by several scholars. In addition to the weekly lectures, there will be an Italian Film Festival, featuring four Italian films (with English subtitles) that depict life in Italy today.

Purpose: Students will learn practical day-to-day habits of Italians:  how they use transportation, how they travel, how they eat, how they socialize and how they shop. Students will be equipped with a lexicon for day-to-day use in order to maximize their experience in Italy.

Method:  Each lecture will last 1 hour and 30 minutes and focus on a theme, such as travel and eating out, as well as an introduction to a particular city. Handouts, maps and Powerpoint presentations will feature useful phrases and images meant to instruct students in terms of what to expect from daily life in Italy.

The classes are taught by Dr. Molly Zaldivar (Modern Languages and Literatures) and Dr. Angela Lombardi (College of Architecture, Construction, and Planning) with supplemental lectures by Professor Michael Guarino, Dr. John Alexander, Professor Robert Barron, and Dr. Drew Stephen.

Schedule: Classes are held from 5:30-7:00 p.m. on the Downtown Campus in the Gallery MNT 1.108. Dr. Stephen’s lecture on Jewish Music and Culture in Renaissance Urbino will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the JPL Assembly Room 4.04.22 on the Main Campus. A printable schedule is also available

September 25YOUR LIFE IN URBINO: Overview of the semester and program basics
LEZIONI ITALIANE 0: Why you should learn Italian; some first words and phrases
Prof. Michael Guarino
Dr. Angela Lombardi
Dr. Molly Zaldivar
October 2LEZIONI ITALIANE 1 : SI PRESENTA: Introducing yourself in Italian. Numbers, alphabet, nouns (masculine/feminine, singular/plural), articlesDr. Molly Zaldivar
October 9Understanding Italy: History and Places
LEZIONI ITALIANE 2: SI ARRIVA & SI VIAGGIA: Navigating airports, train stations, metro, bus; asking for directions; traveling in Italy; asking questions; verbs; negative expressions
Dr. John Alexander
Dr. Angela Lombardi
Dr. Molly Zaldivar
October 16Rome is a Palimpsest
LEZIONI ITALIANE 3: VISITA ai MONUMENTI e MUSEI: Visiting the sites; verb conjugation, present-indicative
Prof. Bob Barron
Dr. Angela Lombardi
Dr. Molly Zaldivar
October 22Jewish Music and Culture in Renaissance Urbino
11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the JPL Assembly Room 4.04.22 (Main Campus)
Dr. Drew Stephen
October 23LEZIONI ITALIANE 4: SI MANGIA: FOOD Andiamo al bar – eating out and drinking in Italy; Italian meals. Eating establishments: trattoria, pizzeria, osteria, ristorante. Italian cities and regionalism; food cultureDr. Molly Zaldivar
October 30LEZIONI ITALIANE 5: architectural vocabulary; colors; verb conjugation: present indicativeDr. Angela Lombardi
Dr. Molly Zaldivar
November 6LEZIONI ITALIANE 6: USCIRE di SERA: Going out and nightlife in Italy; introductions and greetings, irregular verbsDr. Angela Lombardi
Dr. Molly Zaldivar

Italian Film Festival: This semester is the 4th Italian film festival at UTSA! The event is sponsored by Circolo Italiano (Italian Club). Screenings will be held on the Main Campus in MH 3.01.28. Free snacks will be served!

OctoberIl Divo (Sorrentino, 2003)
OctoberGood Bye, Mr. President, (Nucci , Rovito, 2013)
NovemberGood morning, night (Bellocchio, 2003)
NovemberThe Caiman (Moretti, 2006)