The challenges of financing a semester abroad may at first seem daunting, but with proper consideration the challenges can be overcome. Financial aid can be applied to a semester abroad program, and your eligible amount is typically increased. Plus many study-abroad scholarships are available to help offset the cost. While it is true that some study-abroad programs are very expensive, the COLFA Semester in Urbino is affordable, involves a lot of travel, and allows you to live in Italy for more than three months at a cost that is the same or similar to a semester at UTSA! Plus, the benefits of this program on your studies, your career, and your overall personal development are enormous. See for yourself in this article, “Why Study Abroad.”

Program Fee

The estimated program fee for the Spring 2019 COLFA Semester in Urbino is $9,500.

The Program Fee Covers
a dorm room in the Casa della Studentessa residence at the University of Urbino for the 13-week semester
three extended trips (Rome, Florence/Siena, Verona/Venice plus seven day trips and other special excursions
daily Italian breakfast and 10 three-course meals a week (lunch and dinner) at the University of Urbino cafeterias. Meals can be banked if not used daily
a 4-credit hour Italian language class taught by instructors at Lingua Ideale that will transfer automatically to ASAP as FL 1034 Beginning Language Study Abroad (advanced options are available for students who have completed ITL 1014 Elementary Italian or the equivalent)
The Program Fee Does Not Cover
reduced UTSA tuition: most fees are waived and you will not pay UTSA tuition or lab fees on the Italian language class
airfare to and from Italy: a typical budget round-trip flight can cost as little as $600-$850
incidental fees including: $150 UTSA Study Abroad Office fee, $19 per week international travel and health insurance, $50 Student Visa fee
Payment Schedule

Program fee payments are collected according to the following schedule:

Spring 2019Fall 2019
October 1, 2018: $2,750February 28, 2019: $2,750
January 15, 2019: $2,250August 15, 2019: $2,250
February 15, 2019: $2,250September 15, 2019: $2,250
March 15, 2019: $2,250October 15, 2019: $2,250
Payment Instructions

The first installment of $2,750 is due in the Office of the Dean of COLFA, MH 4.01.23, on October 1 by 4 pm. Please make your check out to “UTSA” and write “COLFA Semester in Urbino” on the memo line, along with your Banner ID (the @ number, not the abc123). Please also submit signed, hard copies of the Financial Commitment Agreement Form and the Consent and Acknowledgment Regarding Protection and Treatment of Personal Data Form (all forms are available on the Forms page).

Financial Aid and Scholarships

There are many ways to make studying abroad more affordable, starting with the many scholarship opportunities that support study abroad. UTSA offers internal scholarships that are ideal for our program but, you may also be eligible for several of the external awards. I encourage you to investigate all of these possibilities and apply. Please consult the UTSA Office of International Studies for more information on financing your semester abroad.

You can also use financial aid to study abroad. Please contact Iris Blount in the Financial Aid office for a personal assessment.

Estimated Study Abroad vs. On-Campus Cost Comparison

Since the cost of housing, meals, and transportation during your semester abroad is covered by the program fee and many tuition fees are waived, the actual cost of the COLFA Semester in Urbino is comparable to a semester on campus. With the many scholarships that are available, the cost of your semester abroad may even cost you less than a semester on campus! Compare the cost of the COLFA Semester in Urbino with the cost of attendance data from the UTSA Office of Financial Aid. Estimates are based on one semester with 16 credit hours of courses. Since the Italian language class is covered by the program fee, COLFA Semester in Urbino students will receive UTSA credit for 16 credit hours while paying tuition, with most fees waived, for 12 credit hours.

 UrbinoHome with ParentsOff-CampusOn-Campus
Mandatory Fees$631$1,409.18$1,409.18$1,409.18
Urbino Course Fees$480000
Medical and Travel Insurance247Unknown private medical insurance cost
Study Abroad Office Fee150000
Student Visa50000
Program Fee$9,500 (includes housing, meals, 10 program-related trips, Italian class)