This course is an introduction to analog photography including composition, developing, and darkroom printing. The course consists of 5 lessons of two hours each covering the following topics:

  1. Film photography including vocabulary and artists
  2. Lighting, film types, light meters, cameras
  3. Photowalking with a medium format film (120) with a Hasselblad camera at a subject-based location (nature, human environment, street portrait)
  4. Developing film
  5. Darkroom printing
Class LengthClass SizeCost (Including Materials)
5 meetings of 2 hours each (total of 10 hours)Groups of 2-4 people€200 per person

Emanuele Bertoni was born in Urbino in 1971. He is a new media enthusiast, a serious video gamer, and net runner since 1990. He has been professionally active in the new media design field since the early ’90s, working as graphic designer, interface designer, web designer and photographer. He worked for Dada S.p.A., BPM Milano, Mastai Ferretti, Scala Group International,, Giunti, eXact learning solutions S.p.A, Accademia Nazionale di Medicina. Since 2001 he has been a Lecturer with tenure at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Urbino in the area of Tecniche Grafiche Speciali and Computer Games.

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