In this class the students acquire the basic skills to complete an original oil painting. The knowledge of painting techniques allows the artist to interpret and solve the problems of form and, above all, to make a lasting work.

Part 1: Preparation of the canvas and colors. Background on the use of rabbit-skin glue, ox gall, egg, Bologna chalk, and milk and how these materials are used to make a print on canvas, wood, and cardboard. We will discuss how the colors were mastered and which oils and resins are most commonly used.

Part 2: Realization of the artwork. Since this is a course on painting techniques, we will make a copy of a master, not so much to make a faithful copy but so that students arrive at an understanding of how to make various pictorial techniques their own.

Each class will be organized to allow a logical progression towards the completion of each student’s artwork.

Class LengthClass SizeCost (Including Materials)
7 meetings of 2 hours each (total of 14 hours)Groups of 3-10 people€130 per person