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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Internship Syllabi

Fall 2013
Course: SOC 4933,4936 Internship
Internship Coordinator: Todd Garrard, MS
Office: MS 4.02.36
Office Hours: MTWR 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm; and by appointment
Phone: 210.458.5616
E-mail address:, and Blackboard
Fax: 210.458.4619
Course Description: The Sociology Internship Program is designed to provide the intern with an educational experience and to serve as a transition into the professional work world. The goal of the internship is to extend the student’s sociological knowledge and skill base and to facilitate the application of this knowledge and skill base to a real world setting. In keeping with this goal, the objectives of the internship include:
 Identification of sociological concepts applicable to the internship site,
 Operationalization of the those concepts in a manner appropriate for sociological study,
 Application of a theoretical perspective to an analysis of the internship setting, and
 Achievement of an organizational analysis of the internship site.
Course readings: Each intern is responsible for reading the Internship Manual and syllabus provided by the Internship Coordinator. The books listed below are recommended to help you with writing papers as well as citations.
Yellin, Linda. 2009. A sociology writers guide. Boston, Massachusetts: Allyn & Bacon.
Strunk, William and White, E.B. 2000. The elements of style. New York: Longman.
Course requirements: Your grade in this course will be based on the evaluation provided by the workplace supervisor and evaluation of your coursework by the internship coordinator. Completion of this course has both applied and academic requirements. Students enrolled in SOC 4933 must complete a total of 150 hours of work at their internship site during the semester in which she or he is enrolled. Students enrolled in SOC 4936 must complete a total of 300 hours of work at their internship site during the semester in which she or he is enrolled. Students must turn in signed time sheets to the Sociology office (MS 4.02.66) every two weeks to demonstrate completion of this requirement.
Sociology students: You will complete two (three for students enrolled in 6 hour internship) typewritten papers.
Public Health students: You will complete one (two for students enrolled in 6 hour internship) typewritten paper(s).
The format for the papers is provided via Blackboard or as a link on the Sociology Department’s Undergraduate Internship website.
All papers are expected to be academic in style and standards. The general format for all papers is listed in the document “Paper Requirements,” which is posted on Blackboard
I will deduct points (5 per item above) if the paper format is not followed precisely. Ten points will be deducted for every page under and every page over the minimum/maximum requirement.
Turn in one hard copy of your paper to the Sociology Department MS 4.02.66 no later than 5:00 pm on the due date. Papers must be time stamped. You must also send a copy of your paper to me via Blackboard. Do NOT slide papers (nor time sheets, forms, etc.) under the department office door nor my office door or I will reduce your grade by one letter as well as marking it late.
If you turn in a paper late (either the electronic or hard copy), it will be reduced a letter grade for every day it is late. Both electronic and hard copies must be submitted by the due date and time.
Sociology Majors Internship Papers
The first paper should involve an organizational analysis of the internship site and is due 09/25/2013. This analysis at a minimum should include the organizational type (e.g., public, private non-profit, or private for profit), the organizational goal, its hierarchy or structure and the functions of the various positions, a description of the internship assignment, and sources of funding for the organization. This paper must be at minimum 4 pages and a maximum of 6 pages in length (works cited page and cover page do not count in total page length).
The second paper should apply your sociological knowledge to your internship experience. The information base for this paper should include both knowledge acquired in previous coursework as well as academic readings (if any) assigned by the internship coordinator. For example, if the student is working with SAPD, utilize concepts and theories learned in deviance or criminology and apply to the organization or their clients. This paper must be at minimum 8 pages and a maximum of 15 pages in length (works cited and cover page do not count in total page length). The second paper is due 11/13/2013.
A third paper is required for the 4936 course. The third paper should be 4 to 7 (works cited and cover page do not count in total page length) pages in length on a topic of the student’s choice but with the internship advisor’s approval. The third paper is due: 12/6/2013.
Public Health Internship Papers
For those in 4933: One final paper, the topic of which will be tailored to each student’s focus and internship site, will be a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 pages in length. Due: 11/13/13.
For those in 4936: One final paper, the topic of which will be tailored to each student’s focus and internship site, will be a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 30 pages in length. Due: 11/13/13.
Meetings (minimum of 4) with the Internship Coordinator count as part of the student’s grade and are considered attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to set up meetings with the Coordinator in a timely fashion. Students who miss meetings or who do not show up on time, will receive a grade of ZERO for that scheduled meeting unless they give 24 hour notice. Students who do so will be allowed to make up the meeting with no repercussions. The first meeting needs to be during the first two weeks of class.
(150 hours total for 4933; 300 hours for 4336). Time sheets are due every two weeks. You must complete ALL of your required hours by the last day of classes – December 06, 2013. Failure to complete the TOTAL hours will result in a failing grade. It is your responsibility to keep track of your hours. I advise you to make copies of your time sheets in order to be able to verify your hours. Final time sheets are due on Monday following the last day of classes: 12/09/2013
I will check Blackboard and my email Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Messages received after that time will get a response no sooner than the next day. Messages sent on Friday after 5:00 pm will get a response no sooner than on that Monday.
The internship is graded on a letter grade basis, Students must earn a D or better in order to receive credit for the internship.
Three hour internship (4933): Six hour internship (4936):
First paper grade (30%), First paper grade (20%),
Second paper grade (30%) Second paper grade (20%)
Workplace evaluation (30%) Third paper grade (20%)
Meetings with the Internship Coordinator (10%). Workplace evaluation (30%)
Meeting with the Internship Coordinator(10%)
Public Health (Both 4933 and 4936)
Paper grade (45%)
Workplace evaluation (45%)
Meetings with Internship Coordinator (10%)
The signature document that has been emailed to you needs to be filled out within one week of receiving it by Blackboard’s email. The student’s evaluation of the internship (Student Evaluation) site must be turned in to receive a grade.
100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
59 or less F
Important Dates
Census Date: Friday, 09/13/2013
First Paper Due for Sociology majors; Wednesday, 09/25/2013
Midterm Grades Due in ASAP: Friday, October 18, 2pm (Those with “D” or “F” grades only
Second Paper Due for Sociology majors Wednesday, 11/13/2013
Papers due for Public Health Majors (4933 and 4936): Wednesday, 11/13/2013
Paper three due for Sociology Majors (4936 only): Friday, 12/06/2013
Last Day to Drop with an Automatic “W:” Wednesday, 12/04/2013
Last Day of Classes: Friday, 12/06/2013
Final Timesheets Due: Monday, 12/09/2013
Student Evaluations Due: Monday, 12/09/2013
Workplace Evaluations Due: Friday, 12/13/2013