Candy Yams by Daylan Brawley

Before my Grandma developed dementia she would cook all sorts of things. These included pig intestines, collard greens, corn bread, and sweet potatoes or “candy yams”. But the one thing that stood out from the rest that I will always remember was her chocolate cake. My grandma’s chocolate cake was made for any occasion or accomplishment I would attain. It almost seemed that she literally waited for me to get on the honor roll or finish first place in the 100m dash and there it was, a freshly baked chocolate cake. Sadly due to the circumstances and the fact that we never got to document her recipe, I’ll never be able to have my grandma’s chocolate cake again. Her cooking (especially her cake) solidified my belief that it’s not the ingredients that make a certain food good, it’s the love and soul that’s put into it that truly make it memorable.

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