Apples and Sage pork Chops by Kayla Munoz

So once again like most of my dishes they’re at the spur of the moment. The recipe that I used originally called “Apples and Sage Pork Chops”, which at the time I did not have either apples, apple juice or pork chops. I made do with what I had available at the time. I used orange juice as a replacement for apple juice and added some vegetables, like celery and carrots, hoping it would help with the tart flavor from the oranges. I made this dish for my younger brother and I, and which he did not complain about it. Thus, this dish was very much a learning experience for me. Would I make this dish again? No. My reason being is that it simply was not that good, it wasn’t horrible, but not that great. The side dishes that I did pair it with saved the day.Next time I will use a recipe and make sure I have all the ingredients page-2

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