Candied yams by Kayla Munoz

This is a recipe that I make usually for the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I usually make plenty to feed many people. My uncle and aunt always have holiday parties, so this is my special dessert that I contribute to the family. It’s important for me to show my family that I care about them and that I am a part of this family. Sharing a food with my family during the holidays, is really what I means to be a family. Also, I learned to make candied yams specifically for my mother. She doesn’t cook very much, so I thought I would learn to make her favorite dessert. Another reason this is special to me simply because it’s something that I learned on my own. This was actually the very first dish that I started to bring to family gatherings. I don’t have a recipe that I exactly follow, so I can’t share it with you. However, thinking about this blog and thinking about what this dish means to me actually spurns the desire for me to keep a recipe journal.

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