Quesadillas by Jesus Cerillo

Sometimes when I’m in the mood for a snack I make a sandwich, other times a quesadilla! Simple to make delicious and highly modifiable. This became one of my favorite snacks early on in life when I was about seven years old. My big sister would make quesadillas. At the time we lived in Juarez Mexico. I remember a distinct smell from the stove. the blue flames, the black iron skillet and my grandmother’s kitchen is what I think about when I eat a quesadilla. This snack makes me feel nostalgic for the days when I would have to hit the tv sometimes to watch el chavo del ocho on tv or play super nintendo with my cousins. My big sister seemed to know that we were much to busy to go sit and eat so she would humor our business sometimes and bring us snacks and occasionally watched as we played mario kart. Quesadillas remind me of my big sister and how she would always treat me so lovingly.

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