Entomatadas by Jesus Cerrillo

Growing up I always thought this was a common meal because I had it fairly often. The entomatada is like an enchilada except it is not spicy but instead it tastes more like tomatoes. This meal is made by soaking a tortilla in tomato paste and then filling it with chicken onions and cheese. This meal is my favorite. Second only to mole, but mole is for celebrations. Growing up, my mother would make us entomatadas almost twice a week. Now that I am older, and no longer live with my parents, I do not get entomatadas as often. Mostly because when I make them, they aren’t quite the same so I don’t make them often. However when I visit my parents, my mother always makes me some entomatadas. They make me feel like I never left. Entomatadas take me back to a time when I had no real responsibilities. Back to the days when I would spend my time riding my bike outside with my friends and race. To me, entomatadas mean, “welcome home mi hijo!”

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