Huevos Rancheros by Jesus Cerrillo

In my family, huevos rancheros was usually a good omen of things to come. My mother was in a good mood and the world was good! This dish I actually learned to make myself and it is pretty easy. It consists of soaking a tortilla in some hot olive oil and breaking an egg on a skillet and making it over easy. A simple meal but non the less, this meal was the first cooked meal I had ever made. My mother taught me how to make it better too, by adding pico de gallo and pepper. A simple meal but with great taste. To me, when my mother made huevos rancheros it was always a good morning. This is the first meal I ever cooked for a significant other as well so in a way it has turned from a form of good omen, to a ritual of acceptance of an intimate other. It may sound silly but that is the significance that I put

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