Mole by Jesus Cerrillo

In my family, mole is a special dish. It signifies a special occasion. Every year, at least once a year per person, my mother would make a delicious plate of mole. This dish is meant to celebrate the day of our births. Wether it be myself, my sisters or my father. It is a meal that brings us together, a meal analogous to the birthday cake. Only difference is that mole goes a lot better with a tortilla and rice than any cake I have ever had. After the mole we would open gifts and break a pinata if the birthday was for a child. Once we opened the gifts we would sing “las mananitas” and sometimes even cut a cake! I remember I would always get my face stuffed in it. I always knew it was going to happen but it became tradition so I just let it happen. Afterwards we would eat more mole! To my family and myself, mole always signifies a special, happy, and fun occasion. Now a days, I look forward to mole more than getting a gift!

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