Chicken Salad Sandvich by Beverly Luna

Chicken Salad sandwiches are very popular in my family. When we plan parties usually the main food dish I chicken salad sandwiches. This is usually for baby showers, kid’s birthday parties, or small get together. My mom use to host Tupperware and Home Interior parties and chicken salad sandwiches were the snacks. I love my mom’s chicken salad sandwiches they are the bomb. There are many way to making the sandwiches different recipes add different items. My moms are pretty easy she never adds nuts because someone may be allergic. She adds pieces of boiled eggs, pickles, celery, mayo, shredded chicken and sometimes pieces of grapes. Let’s not forget the bread she uses Butterkrust White Bread. The picture shows crescents but I love the plain white bread it just makespage-0 the whole entire sandwich taste really good. I know this is more of a American meal but this sandwich is part of my Hispanic family.

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