Taco/Quesadilla Al Pastor by Jose Olivia

This last Valentine’s Day I had the privilege of introducing my girlfriend to tacos and quesadillas al pastor. My girlfriend and I both grew up in the Midwest when we were in high school, but unlike me she was not exposed to very many authentic Mexican foods, so the experience would be very special because she would be trying something new to her taste buds. The night of Valentine’s Day we had pre-prepared the meat in my kitchen and I taught her how this style of meat is very different from other meats that are normally in tacos and quesadillas. I also explained how in Mexico and here in Texas families work very hard selling food to people from carts to big food trucks. She was very intrigued by what our tacos and quesadillas would taste like. I decided to introduce her to this variation of the two dishes because I have always had very special and dear memories attached to eating tacos al pastor with guacamole, cilantro, and pico de gallo. These memories are often linked to times with family gatherings and celebrations where we would converse and laugh. Quesadillas themselves have always been big amongst my family members especially when we want to make something fast and simple, but when we have the time, we indulge by putting al pastor in our quesadillas. Tacos/quesadillas al pastor do not really hold any specific meaning to my family or our culture, but like most Mexican families, we love our food and we get more joy when we share something we love with the people we love. So for me, to share this dish with my girlfriend on valentine’s day, for me, held a deeper meaning. To me I felt like I was sharing a piece of my heart and culture with her, which means much more than chocolates and flowers.

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