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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Psychology Department Quick Facts

  • The Department of Psychology at UTSA represents a large and diverse field of researchers. Our faculty members serve a variety of university needs, including teaching nearly 1500 undergraduate majors, obtaining external funding to support UTSA research and students, actively publishing in prestigious journals in their fields, serving as Editors and Associate Editors for those journals, and serving the university in key administrative and faculty governance positions.
  • The Department currently offers a Bachelor of Arts degree, a research-focused Masters of Science degree, and a recently established multi-disciplinary, research-focused Doctoral degree. The expertise of our 22 tenured and tenure-track faculty spans a number of areas of psychology, including Biological, Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, Health, Human Factors, Industrial/Organizational, Personality, Psychometrics, and Social Psychology. As can be seen from the UTSA catalog and program pages within our web site, this diversity of expertise has enable us to offer a wide range of both general and specialty courses in psychology at each degree level.
  • Outside of the classroom, our faculty members are active researchers publishing in top journals in their field. In recent years our faculty members have received funding for their research from the American Legacy Foundation, various centers and institutes with the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the US Air Force, and the Army Medical Research and Material Command. Many of the projects have included funding to help provide additional research experience and training to students in our undergraduate, MS, and PhD programs.
  • Although our faculty members are active teachers and researchers, we serve the university in other ways as well. These include Associate Dean in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, Associate Dean in the College of Science, Associate Dean of the Honors College, and Chair of the University Senate, as well as a number of other, less visible but vital roles.
  • The Department of Psychology is committed to continuing to serve the UTSA community through our teaching, research, and service, and to help UTSA on its path to Tier One.