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UTSA-led team receives USAMRAA funding to study aggression in the workplace

August 7, 2014

A team of researchers led by UTSA Psychology faculty recently received funding from the United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity. The three-year, approximately $640,000 project will focus on identifying variables likely to predict near and long term risk of violent behavior in military workplace settings as well as associated mental and physical health issues. Of particular interest to the researchers are how individual-level stability (or instability) in emotional experience and social behavior and unit/workgroup-level climate can be used to predict physical assault, bullying, and sexual harassment in military settings and participants’ overall levels of substance abuse, suicidal ideation, general well being, and engagement in domestic violence. The project is guided by the “I-cubed” model of aggression (Finkel et al., 2012). Following this model, the project treats aggression as a product of factors that impel individuals to aggress (e.g., “having a temper”), factors that instigate aggression (e.g., provocations), factors that either increase or decrease a person’s ability to inhibit aggressive urges (e.g., self-regulatory skills), and how these three kinds of factors interact with each other to predict violent behavior.

The full team consists of Drs. Michael R. Baumann (UTSA), Rebecca Weston (UTSA), Daniel J. Beal (formerly of UTSA and now at Virginia Tech), and Craig J. Bryan (University of Utah), and is overseen by Dr. Baumann.

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