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College of Liberal and Fine Arts


First Year Psychology Doctoral Student Awarded Research Grant

July 9, 2013

The ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, a local foundation dedicated to cancer research and providing supportive care for patients and their families, recently announced the recipients of their Research 2013 Grant. Among the recipients are first year psychology doctoral student, Kristen Rosen, MPH, in collaboration with her research mentor, Jennifer Sharpe Potter, PhD, MPH, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. The grant, titled "Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Supportive Care for Breast Cancer," will fund a one year study to build and pilot a theory-based mindfulness intervention using mobile health technology. The project was conceptualized by Ms. Rosen building on Dr. Potter's work on mindfulness and wellness as well as their shared interest in mobile technology.  The aim of the intervention is to enhance quality of life among women in treatment or recovering from breast cancer by complementing the supportive care women receive through ThriveWell's DIVA nutrition and exercise programs. Designing the intervention in mobile form will enable women to take their skills with them, facilitate practice, and adopt wellness behaviors into their daily lives. 

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