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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Raymond Garza, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Department of Psychology

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone: (210) 458-4081
Office: MH 4.03.12
Office hours: Not teaching this semester

Research area: Research Methods, Chicano Studies, Personality Theory, Social Psychology, Intergroup relations, Hispanic social processes, and minority mental health

Additional Information
  • Biography

    Dr. Raymond T. Garza received his BA and MA in Psychology from Texas A&M University at Kingsville and his PhD in Social Psychology from Purdue University. His research and scholarly publications include significant contributions in the areas of cross-cultural psychology, minority mental health, Hispanic social processes, intergroup relations, leadership and organizational behavior. Dr. Garza’s research and professional programs have been supported by major grants from federal agencies and private foundations totaling more than 20 million Dollars. Currently, he is Principal Investigator of a multi-site grant supported by the American Legacy Foundation, which explores the relationship between smoking behavior and attitudes, self-esteem, depression, cultural identification, self-monitoring, and acculturation among college students from various Hispanic subgroups. Recently, Dr. Garza was the Principal Investigator on two major research infrastructure development grants funded by NIMH and AHRQ. Before coming to UTSA in 1991, Dr. Garza held a faculty appointment with the University of California, Riverside where he co-authored extensively with doctoral students and chaired 14 doctoral dissertation committees. Dr. Garza has also held several top administrative positions over the past 35 years, including Provost at UTSA.


    • Ph.D. in Psychology, Purdue University
    • M.A. in Psychology, Texas A&M University, Kingsville
    • B.A. in Psychology, Texas A&M University, Kingsville
  • Recent Courses

    • 3053  Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • 4003  History of Psychology
    • 5393  Cross-Cultural Psychology (MS level)
    • 7143  Diversity & Health Disparities (PhD level)
    • 7203  Grant Development (PhD level)
  • Research in Progress

  • Recent Publications

    • Mangold, D. L., Meuth, K., Garza, R. T., and Newton, L. (2013). Generational Status Moderates the Effects of Extraversion on the Cortisol Awakening Response in Mexican American Adults,. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.
    • Gonzalez-Blanks, A., Lopez, S.G., and Garza, R.T. (2012). Collectivism in smoking prevention programs for Hispanic preadolescents: Raising the ante on cultural sensitivity. Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, 21, 427-439. Doi: 10.1080/1067828X.2012.724283
    • Lopez, S.G., Garza, R.T., & Gonzalez-Blanks, A. (2012). Preventing smoking among Hispanic preadolescents: Program orientation, participant individualism-collectivism, and acculturation level. Hispanic Journal of the Behavioral Sciences,, 34, 323-339.
    • Villagran, M., Wittenberg-Lyles, E. M., & Garza, R. T. (2006). A problematic integration approach to Capturing the cognitive, cultural, and communicative experiences of Hurricane Katrina volunteers. Analysis of Social Issues and Public Policy, 6(1).
    • Firestone, J. M., Garza, R. T., and Harris, R. J. (2005). Protestant work ethic and worker productivity in a Mexican brewery. International Sociology, 20(1). 27-44.
    • Garza, R. T. (2000). What managers need to know about ethnicity: Hispanics as leaders of Anglo, Hispanic, or ethnically-mixed work groups. Proceedings of the Forty-second Annual Meeting of the Southwest Academy of Management (referred). Year 2000 Volume, pp. 135-139.


    • Chance, W.E. & Garza, R. Instructing Task-Groups: How Ethnic Social Identities can Influence Task Performance and Group-Leader Perceptions.
    • Gonzalez-Blanks, A., Lopez, S.G., & Garza, R.T. Collectivism in smoking prevention programs for Hispanic preadolescents: Raising the ante on cultural sensitivity.
    • Lopez, S.G., Garza, R.T., & Gonzalez-Blanks, A. “Mejoremos nuestra salud comiendo saludable”: Blending Science and Culture in Promoting Healthy Nutrition among Hispanic Preadolescents
    • Vasquez, J., Garza, R.T., and Pillow, D. An Ecological Approach to Mental Health in Urban Hispanics
    • Vasquez, J., Pillow, D, and Garza R.T. Neighborhood Factors and Mental Health: Small Life Events as a Moderator
    • Lopez, S., Garza, R., Moring, J., & Gonzalez-Blanks, A. Enhancing healthy attitudes and behaviors about nutrition in Hispanic youth.
    • Lopez, S., Garza, R., Moring, J., & Gonzalez-Blanks, A. The influence of Hispanic parents’ attitudes and behaviors toward eating on Hispanic children.
    • Garza, R. T. and Chance W. E. Leadership, diversity, and motivation: Influence of group identities on Intergroup attitudes and individual performance.
    • Trofimoff, V. and Garza, R. T. Looking out for number one: Personal self-esteem, collective self-esteem and social comparison choices following a threat to social identity.
    • Borchert, J. E. and Garza, R. T. Social Identity Theory versus socialization: Sex, gender, and positive social identity.
  • Professional Service

    UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA (partial list):

    • Academic Personnel Review Committees
    • Faculty Charges Committee (Academic Senate)
    • Privilege and Tenure Committee
    • Administrative Search Committees
    • College Executive Committee (Academic Senate)
    • Committee on Intramural Research Support
    • Graduate Opportunity Fellowship Committee
    • Graduate Affirmative Action Task Force (UC-wide)
    • Faculty Committee on Affirmative Action (UC-wide)
    • Presidents' Fellowship Advisory Committee (UC-wide)

    UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS (partial list):

    • Linguistic Minorities Project Advisory Committee (UC-wide)
    • Faculty Governance Development Committee
    • Faculty Research Awards Committee (Chair)
    • Council on Graduate Education (Chair)
    • Academic Administrative Council (Chair)
    • Various Faculty and Administrative Search Committees
    • Council of Public University Chief Academic Officers (statewide)
    • Instruction Formula Study Committee Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

    NATIONAL (partial list):

    • Advisory Committee, Hispanic Theological Initiative, Princeton, NJ
    • Ford Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowships Program, Washington, DC
    • Behavioral Sciences Evaluation Panel, National Research Council Washington, DC
    • Hispanic Faculty Liaison, United States Department of Education
    • Minority Biomedical Research Support Program Review Panel National Institute of Health,
    • Washington, DC
    • Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowships Program, Washington, DC
    • Multi-Campus Working Group on Faculty Roles and Rewards at Metropolitan Universities
    • Committee on Access and Diversity, Council on Academic Affairs, NASULGC
    • Western Association of Schools and Colleges (1999, 2002, 2007) 

    COMMUNITY (partial list):

    • Board of Directors, Community Settlement Association Riverside, California
    • Charter Member & Former President, Health Alliance of the Inland Counties
    • San Bernardino, California
    • Charter Member, Concilio for the Spanish Speaking of Riverside
    • Board of Directors, Health Systems Agency, Riverside, California
    • Panel of Judges, JC Penny Golden Rule Awards Program
    • Board of Directors, Guadeloupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas


    • National Institute of Education Washington, DC
    • Administration for Children, Youth and Families Washington, DC
    • Spanish Speaking Mental Health Research Center, UCLA
    • Office of Naval Research Arlington, Virginia
    • National Research Council, Washington, DC
    • National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC
    • General Mills Foundation, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, San Antonio, TX


    • Society for Experimental Social Psychology
    • Southwestern Psychological Association
    • American Psychological Association
    • Western Psychological Association
    • Society for Research in Child Development
    • Society for Personality Assessment
    • National Chicano Council on Higher Education
    • Council of Graduate Schools in the United States


    • Editorial Board, Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
    • Reviewer, American Psychologist
    • Reviewer, Journal of Applied Social Psychology
    • Reviewer, Social Science Journal
    • Reviewer, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
    • Reviewer, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
    • Reviewer, Journal of Social Behavior and Personality
    • Reviewer, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • Reviewer, Academy of Management Journal


    Latino Health Research Initiative Coordinator