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B.A. Geography and Environmental Sustainability

Guanajuato, Mexico -Study Abroad Summer 2016 Geography faculty and students

The primary missions of the Geography Program are to introduce the substance and methods of modern academic geography to UTSA students, and to involve them in the local, regional, and international community. The geography faculty are sensitive to providing our majors with the foundations necessary to succeed in related careers and competitive graduate programs, and to offer a curriculum that contributes meaningfully to out students’ appreciation of an increasingly complex, divided, and shrinking world.Our four tenure track faculty members’ expertise in cultural and social geography and GIS offers students the opportunity to explore geography’s concepts and relevance in such diverse regions as North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.  In addition, we regularly hire adjunct professors specializing in physical and environmental geography, in addition to GIS and urban geography, to give our B.A. students a full range of topical courses.

B.A. Global Affairs

UTSA Student Model UN Conference Fall 2016

Global Affairs can be defined in two ways. First, Global Affairs is a specialization within Political Science dedicated explicitly to the study of world politics. While situated within Political Science, however, Global Affairs is an interdisciplinary field that borrows from economics, sociology, geography cultural and legal studies, public administration, communications, and criminal justice. Second, and more substantively, global affairs captures and describes the totality of political dynamics and interactions between a wide range of actors (states and non-states) occurring across borders in an interconnected and interdependent world. It explores the different activities and relationships between actors and the institutions, rules, and processes that are created to maintain order.

B.A. Political Science

Political Science is a broad discipline encompassing American politics, comparative politics, international relations, political philosophy, and law. It explores how individuals exercise power in group settings and the institutions, rules, and processes that are put in place to promote cooperation. Because of its broad character, Political Science overlaps with other disciplines including economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, communications, and criminal justice. A typical Political Science major will learn about democracy and other forms of government, styles of leadership, the ideas of Plato, Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Locke, the influence of non-governmental organizations in world politics, the formation of public opinion, the role of new social media in politics, and Constitutional law.

B.A. in Politics and Law

Department of Political & Geography Law Forum 2016

Politics and Law is a liberal arts degree grounded in a recognition that law touches almost everything—even if only to protect our private lives from intrusion—especially in a constitutional democracy devoted to observing the rule of law. Our diverse course offerings therefore approach the interplay of politics and law from philosophical, historical, institutional, sociological, and even literary perspectives. Students can expect to take courses like constitutional and administrative law, legal research and writing, political theory, jurisprudence, legislative process, and concrete areas of law like torts, contracts, and immigration law.  Politics and law is thus well-equipped to meet the needs of students seeking further graduate study in law, political philosophy, or other related field and well as those who will pursue positions in the government and private sectors dealing with compliance, personnel issues, or government relations; the advocacy or exercise of civil liberties and civil rights; the interaction of non-governmental organizations with local, national, or international law and legal institutions; a host of professional positions within administrative agencies, law-enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, government/defense contractors, attorney's offices, and the courts; work on campaigns and election-related activities that encounter campaign finance regulation and involve the exercise of legal rights and responsibilities.


A minor is a wonderful addition to your major that adds to your knowledge and expertise in within your major, or on the other hand, allows you to pursue different interests outside of your declared major. The Department of Political Science & Geography offers 5 minors with 18 credit hours each.

Declaring a Minor

To officially declare a minor, students must consult with their advisor.

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