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To learn more about our Global Affairs program, please consult this student handout defining what GLA is, how we teach it, and what you can do with it.

Program Requirements

39 semester credit hours total in the major; 30 hours must be at the upper-division level. Courses must be selected in the following manner:

3 semester credit hours for GLA 1013. All Global Affairs majors are required to take GLA 1013 as a prerequisite for upper-division GLA courses.

3 semester credit hours in foundational courses selected from the following:

  • GLA 2603 Introduction to the Study of Global Affairs
  • GLA/POL 2633 Comparative Politics

3 semester credit hours in methods selected from the following:

  • POL 2703 Scope and Methods in Political Science
  • GLA 3103 Research Methods in Global Affairs
  • GLA 4123 Techniques in Global Analysis

3 semester credit hours in international/global relations theories selected from the following:

  • GLA 3213 Theories of International Relations
  • GLA 3223 Theories of Globalization
  • GLA 3233 Theories of International Justice

9 semester credit hours of governance and policy in comparative/global context selected from the following:

  • GLA 3793 Politics and Ethics of International Business
  • GLA 4203 Current Topics in Global Analysis 
  • GLA/POL 3033 International Governance
  • GLA/POL 3043 International Human Rights
  • GLA/POL 3063 Comparative Political Participation
  • GLA/POL 3503 American Foreign Policy since WWII
  • GLA 3533 The United Nations
  • GLA/POL 3633 Political Economy
  • GLA/POL 3763 Globalization
  • GLA/POL 3783 Comparative Democratization
  • GLA/POL 4163 Model UN

9 semester credit hours in regional studies selected from the following:

  • GLA/POL 3383 Eastern European Politics
  • GLA/POL 3393 Latin American Politics
  • GLA/POL 3403 European Governments
  • GLA/POL 3433 Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia
  • GLA/POL 3443 Governments and Politics of East Asia
  • GLA/POL 3453 The Politics of Mexico
  • GLA/POL 3493 Politics of the Middle East
  • GLA/POL 4143 The European Union

6 semester credit hours in international relations selected from the following:

  • GLA 3003 International Law 
  • GLA 3013 Introduction to Global Analysis (same as POL 3273)
  • GLA/POL 3483 International Political Economy
  • GLA/POL 3513 International Organizations in World Politics
  • GLA/POL 3523 Force in International Politics
  • GLA 3533 The United Nations
  • GLA/POL 3563 Current Issues in World Politics
  • GLA/POL 4013 The Intelligence Community and World Affairs

3 semester credit hours of senior seminar:

  • GLA 4973 Seminar in Global Affairs

Opportunities for Our Undergraduate Students

The Department provides opportunities for undergraduate students, such as Work-study and Reader Grader positions. These opportunities provide valuable experience and are excellent assets for your resume.


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