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Constitutional Celebration

September 18, 2017

THe Undergraduate Political Science Association presents a Constitutional Celebration.

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UTSA @ ITAM 2017

September 11, 2017

Last week, ten UTSA students participated in a Model United Nations Conference hosted by ITAM (Autonomous Technology Institute of Mexico) in the heart of Mexico City. Based and structured on the actual United Nations in New York City, Model United Nations conferences simulate international diplomacy at the highest level for High school and University students across the country and even internationally.

This year's conference was special since it marked the 20th anniversary of ITAM conferences. For three days, students from universities and high schools from around the world came together to discuss pressing global issues. The UTSA delegation was sponsored by the Department of Political Science & Geography and was led by Dr. Matthias Hofferberth. The committees UTSA students participated in were the Security Council, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and the Organization of American States (OAS). Among other topics, human trafficking, women empowerment, and the situation in Venezuela were discussed.

All the delegates recognized that while they entered the room as strangers the first day, they all left as friends with a newfound appreciation of international relations in the end. In addition, Walker Adams (United States / Security Council) received the prestigious award of “Best Delegate” which is an honor given by the Committee Chairs to the delegate who showcased and represented their country to the highest standard. We congratulate him!

If you are interested in Model UN and want to participate in such great events, please reach out to Walker Adams who is currently the Secretary General for the Model United Nations Society at UTSA. The next upcoming event will be the 2017 Alamo Model United Nations Conference held November 3rd through 5th at UTSA Main Campus. This conference is open to all students and a great way to learn more about Model UN and make friends. For the application click here or visit the Society’s Facebook site to get in touch and for more information.

Jerry Sharp (UTSA Model UN Under-Secretary of Logistics)

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Summary - Frankfurt Study Abroad Summer 2017

August 28, 2017

Studying abroad is undoubtedly one of the more enriching experiences that a student can have. Our trip to Frankfurt, Germany was a remarkable experience; surrounded by breathtaking architecture, truly inspiring historical reminders, and a resolute German culture.  Not to mention, there was no better person than Dr. Matthias Hofferberth to guide this study abroad program. As a former student and teacher at Goethe-Universität, Dr. Hofferberth let his expertise and passion shine through to show us globalization from a transatlantic perspective, and not just teach it, which made all the difference. 

As a class we experienced various perspectives that allowed for a truly in depth look at the effects and the future of globalization. During the two week period we were at all times surrounded by the topics of the course. The class discussion stays with you as you walk the streets of downtown Frankfurt and even when you travel to Heidelberg and view a nearly 800-year-old castle. As Thomas Friedman once wrote, “globalization is everything and its opposite”.

This program went far beyond the classroom and suggested each student to broaden their view as the world reaches a new dimension of complexity and interconnectedness.  While exploring Frankfurt we experienced the influence of Turkish immigration on the cosmopolitan city. Most of us enjoyed more Turkish kebabs than German schnitzel. We were mostly afforded the ability to speak in English rather than communicate in the native German language. These two seemingly simple things are a part of the massive web that is globalization. The class gave an intricate and substantial meaning to these simple encounters.

The classroom itself was a setting that was more than conducive to discuss globalization, as the class was comprised of American students from UTSA and local German students from Goethe. Dr. Hofferberth provided us with the tools to consider our environment, no matter our country of origin, from a variety of theories, schools of thought, and paradigms. In the end, we were challenged to find globalization on our own as the final paper assigned each student to analyze a visualization (photo, graph, etc.) of globalization, an assignment that allowed for great creativity and permission to challenge what we had learned in class.

In addition, there were nearly daily excursions to the city of Frankfurt and neighboring cities. These field trips provided the students to not only learn about the area, but also explore the innumerable pathways to a career in Global Affairs or Political Science. For instance, we visited the U.S. Consulate, Wiesbaden U.S. Army Base Lucius Clay Kaserne, Hessischer Landtag, Frankfurt Airport, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Just as well, we were able to learn more about higher education opportunities from Goethe University faculty.

We strongly encourage any students to explore their opportunities to study abroad, particularly with this program through the Department of Political Science and Geography. The adventure of a new country and university is worthwhile, but so is the introspection, the adventure of oneself, as the world opens itself to your imagination.

To learn more about this program, please go to or go to the UTSA Education Abroad office at Main Building 1.204.


Shelby Carson & Brooklyn Clow, Frankfurt Study Abroad Alumni 2017

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The Department of Political Science & Geography College Day May 11th

May 15, 2017

The Department of Political Science & Geography hosted 80 students from Memorial and Kennedy High School on May 11th  for College Day.

Matthias Hofferberth addresses high school students about college opportunities at UTSA.

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2017 Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Showcase

April 24, 2017

April 20, 2017

2017 Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Showcase


Shelby Carson (Political Science Major) presented:

Pulling Heartstrings: Moral Rhetoric and It's Influence on Partisan Journalists When Employed by the President of the United States in the State of the Union Address

Monica Pepping (Political Science and Global Affairs Major) presented:

Aging in Mexico: A Case Study of U.S. Senior Citizens and their Quality of Life in San Migual de Allende

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Campaign Bootcamp

April 17, 2017




Campaign Bootcamp

Friday, May 26 - Sunday, May 28

Belo Center for New Media

The University of Texas at Austin

Looking to learn what it takes to create a 

successful political campaign, advocate for a cause, 

or run for office?


Register to attend Campaign Bootcamp!


Seats are limited and will be filled on 

a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Don't miss this opportunity to hear from active political professionals about what it's like to work on a campaign. Republican and Democratic experts will explain the basic fundamentals of how to run a campaign, answer your questions about race strategies and tactics, and share lessons they have learned in the field.


Campaign Bootcamp also features a unique, interactive component where participants work together on mock campaign teams to craft a real-life campaign plan for their candidate. At the end of the weekend, teams present their plans to our mock "Texas Campaign Commission" of political professionals to try and win their endorsement.


Visit our website to learn more about the weekend, available scholarships and group discounts, 

and what is covered in registration.



Check out some of 

this year's Bootcamp trainers!


Luke Marchant (R)

Vice President at Hill + Knowlton 

& former political director for U.S. Senator Marco Rubio


Matt Glazer (D)

Director of the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce

& former executive director for Progress Texas


Taylor Holden (D)

Development Director at ProgressNow Colorado

& former executive director for the Dallas County Democratic Party


Tyler Norris (R)

Communications Manager at Public BluePrint

& former grassroots coordinator at Texans for Ted Cruz


Liz Chadderdon (D)

President of the Chadderdon Group and direct mail expert


Pasha Moore (R)

 Founder of Holland Taucher Consulting Group 

and leading fundraising professional



Rob Johnson (R)

Founder of Johnson Strategies 

& former senior adviser to Carly Fiorina and Rick Perry


Chris Perkins (R)

Partner at Ragner Research Partners and expert pollster


Maegan Stephens

Executive Communication Coach at Quantified Communications



More speakers to be announced soon.

Register today!



If you are in need of any assistance during the event 

or have any questions about the weekend, 

please email Taylor Foody or call 512-471-2135.

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The Department of Political Science & Geography College Day

April 14, 2017

The Department of Political Science & Geography hosted over 100 students from South San High school on 4/13 for College Day.

Javier Oliva addresses high school students about college opportunities at UTSA.

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Study in Oaxaca Information Session

April 13, 2017

Study in Oaxaca Spring 2018 Information Sessions

Tuesday, April 18, Noon - 1:00

Wednesday April 19, Noon - 1:00

MH 4.04.26

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UTSA Early Voting Get Out and Vote Mixer

March 23, 2017

Get Out and Vote Mixer March 31st

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COLFA Conference

March 20, 2017

Three of our department's students are presenting at the COLFA conference:

Alejandra Munoz- Torres-

Is a Political Science Undergraduate student- Sponsored by Dr. Stefanova

Presenting- The role of domestic political economy in achieving transitional justice.


David Lawrence-

Is a Political Science Graduate student  - Sponsored by  Dr. Stefanova

Presenting- From Rus’ to Ukraine: Political Memory and Soul Searching in the Post Soviet Era


Javier Roman-

Is a Global Affairs Undergraduate student- Sponsored by Dr. Hofferberth

Presenting- NATO and Its Continued Presence

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John Miller Morris Student Scholarship

February 24, 2017

The UTSA community is saddened by Dr. John Miller Morris’s sudden passing.

Dr. Richard Jones, Professor in Geography, remembers on how Dr. Morris brought to UTSA students an intellectual perspective that sprang from his own consummate scholarship, and his curiosity about so many things. His rapport with students was patent, particularly his taking a personal interest in them and their careers. “Your teaching methods are amazing,” wrote one student. Another noted that Dr. Morris “is the best teacher I have had in college. He involved himself actively and took an interest in the students’ learning.” A third student offered that “I am a business student and I have taken all my electives with him…” A fourth wrote: “Professor Morris is an excellent teacher. He captivates the students’ attention from the beginning to usually a little past the end of class. His lectures provide intriguing information that is both informative and applicable to understanding past, present, and future.” A not uncommon refrain was that of a final student: “Morris is awesome! Greatest instructor at UTSA in my opinion. Major influence on my life.”


In 1996-97, Dr. Morris was awarded the Dean's Outstanding Teaching Award for undergraduate teaching, in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. In 2010, he won the Regent’s Outstanding Teaching Award. In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Piper Professor Award, the first at UTSA in nine years and one of only nine in the history of the institution.


It might be imagined that someone who spoke five languages and traveled extensively (including extended time in Russia, Austria, Israel, and Mexico) would have a global perspective, and Morris did. It is interesting that he also had a Texas perspective, from his upbringing in the Texas Panhandle and his research on the area. He was involved in local planning issues, particularly environmental planning and activism in Austin. There is hardly a topic on which John did not have some degree of expertise.


John Miller Morris died from complications of heart bypass surgery on Thursday, February 16, 2017. He can never be replaced, and we in the department of Political Science and Geography are still mourning his death. 

Please join us in honoring John Miller Morris by helping to support the students he dedicated himself to teaching.

Donations can be made at the following link.

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Law Forum

January 31, 2017

Law forum.


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Forcasting the Trump Presidency (Panel Event)

January 11, 2017

A panel event featuring:

Dr. Matthew Brogdon, Dept. of Political Science and  Geography

Dr. Bryan Gervais, Dept. of Political Science and Geography

Dr. Luis Hestres, Dept. of Communication

Dr. Richard Jones, Dept. of Political Science and Geography

Dr. Ritu Mathur, Dept. of Political Science and Geography


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Guanajauto Field Course

November 10, 2016



In October 2016 a Framework Agreement of Cooperation was signed between UTSA and the University of Guanajuato, Mexico.  It states that UTSA and UdeG will among other things, “Receive undergraduate and graduate students of the partner institution for periods of study and/or research; (and) Organize symposia, conferences, short courses, and meetings on research issues.”  The agreement was signed by Dr. René Zenteno, Vice-provost for International Initiatives, UTSA, and Dr. Luís Felipe Guerrero Agripino, General Rector, UdeG.


This agreement resulted from the summer 2016 Guanajuato field course, Geography and Social Change in Mexico (GRG 3143/4953 and GRG 6973), led by Drs. Richard Jones and Miguel de Oliver of the Department of Political Science and Geography, from July 13-August 7, 2016. After 1½ weeks in the classroom at UTSA, the group (accompanied by Dr. Nazgol Bagheri), struck out for two weeks in Guanajuato. The seven undergraduates and two graduates were exposed to a rich variety of activities. There were two classroom presentations by professors from the university. Otherwise, students had ample opportunities to investigate the historic district, its colonial buildings and monuments, its parks and plazas and markets. They visited the most famous museums of the city (Alhóndiga, Diego Rivera, Museo del Pueblo), and a hacienda. Guanajuato is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the silver-mining district of central Mexico, and has been called the most beautiful colonial city in the country. For excursions into the countryside the group rented a van, enabling them to visit Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel Allende, a prehistoric archaeological site (Cañon de la Virgen), an organic farm, and the agro-industrial area known as the Bajío. They also off-road biked from the top of a nearby mountain into the heart of the city.


At the very end of the trip, the group took a bus to Mexico City for an intense two days including excursions to the Zócalo and the Parque de Chapultepec.  


One student’s comments summarize how much they gained from the course:

“As a student, I have gained a deeper understanding of Mexican culture, history and customs from this study abroad. I am originally from Monterrey, Mexico, but having moved to the U.S. when I was 3 years old, I never had been truly immersed in the Mexican culture growing up. Being able to go to Mexico was an experience unlike anything I could ever read in a book. Seeing so many historical sites was an incredible experience, certainly one of my most favorite aspects of the trip. Walking around the city of Guanajuato was amazing! There were so many festivals, weddings and quinceneras happening, it was truly beautiful to see. Talking with the local people was very educational because I had to speak Spanish. This trip has also helped with my career plans because I am an aspiring urban planner.”




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Election Party

November 2, 2016

Election Party!!!! Click HERE for more information.

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2016 Alamo Model United Nations Conference - A Big Success

November 1, 2016

On Friday, October 28, through Sunday, October 30, the Department of Political Science & Geography together with the Model United Nations Society at UTSA hosted the 2016 Alamo Model United Nations conference. In its third instance, 70 UTSA student delegates simulated the Economic and Social Council, as well as, the Security Council at this conference. This three day event, which lasted from the early morning hours into the late evening, brought together UTSA students of different backgrounds and majors to discuss world issues. This year’s topics were Non-State Terrorism, Gender Violence & Femicide, and Cyber Security and Internet Access as a Human Right. Various global crises came up during the conference which further challenged the delegates to multilaterally come up with resolutions. As different viewpoints clashed, debates got heated yet always remained civil and appropriate to the UN framework, with lunch and dinner provided by the conference hosts to further ensure delegates working together. To top things off, the event was completed by an expert presentation delivered by Laurence Vaughan, Information Communication Technology Specialist, who is currently employed at the United Nations Secretariat, Department of Information. By the end of the third day, ECOSOC and Security Council delegates left home satisfied at the accomplishments achieved and the many, many resolutions passed.

After this successful conference, Dr. Matthias Hofferberth is planning on hosting the next Alamo Model UN conference in the Fall next year, as well as taking the Model United Nations team to compete with other student delegates at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York. For more questions on the Model United Nations Society at UTSA or this particular conference, please contact or go to for more information.

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Presidential Debate Watch Party

October 17, 2016

Presidential Debate Watch Party
Panel Discussion
Dr. Walter Wilson
Dr. David Romero
Dr. Bryan Gervais
Dr. Stephen Amberg

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
MB 0.104
Starts at 7:00pm

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Political Science & Geography sent two teams to compete at this year’s World Quest Trivia Event

September 23, 2016

On Wednesday, September 21, the Department of Political Science & Geography sent two teams of 5 students and one professor each to participate in the World Quest Trivia Event held by the San Antonio World Affairs Council. The competition consisted of over 35 teams from a variety of backgrounds to include academic, city government, and even the food industry. Participants were given the opportunity to network with students from other academic institutions as well as employees from the government and private sectors. The questions came from a wide range of topics to include Current World News, Arts & Culture, and Food Around The World. Although the questions proved to be quite challenging, both teams were more than up to the task and powered through the total of 60 questions. Everyone had a great time and we will compete again next year!

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2016 Alamo Model United Nations Conference

September 1, 2016

Model UN

Model UN

The Department of Political Science & Geography together with the the Model United Nations Society at UTSA invite all students to participate in this year's Alamo Model UN Conference. The conference will be hosted in the UTSA University Center and will feature a simulation of the UN Security Council and the UN Economic and Social Council. It is part of the department's signature experience and will host more than 70 students!

Please find further information in the conference announcement and submit your applications here!

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Geography Masters Student Receives Over $10,000 in Scholarships

July 15, 2016

Cassandra Libhart is a first generation college graduate working on her Master of Arts Degree in Geography. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, at UTSA, in 2014. Her expected graduation term for her MA in Geography is spring 2017. Ms. Libhart recently received several scholarship awards, to include a UTSA grant, The Valero Endowed Scholarship and The Leo Block Endowed Scholarship. Cassandra decided to pursue her Masters in Geography once she learned that Geography encompasses multiple disciplines. Her research focuses on deforestation in South East Asia. The UTSA Department of Political Science and Geography is very proud of her accomplishments and expects great things from her! 

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Dr. Nazgol Bagheri featured on ESRI website

June 22, 2016

Dr. Nazgol Bagheri was featured as a GeoMentor on ESRI website.

To view Dr. Nazgol Bagheri's June 2016 GeoMentor Spotlight click here.

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