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Hosting the United Nations @ UTSA - The 2017 Alamo Model UN

November 9, 2017

On Friday, November 3, through Sunday, November 5, the Model United Nations Society at UTSA, graciously supported by the Department of Political Science & Geography, hosted the 2017 Alamo Model United Nations Conference. In its fourth instance, more than 110 UTSA student delegates, including international students from ITAM Mexico and local High school simulated three different UN committees, including the UN Security Council, the UN Economic and Social Council, and the UN Human Rights Council. In these committees, students of different backgrounds and majors came together for three long days, lasting from early morning hours into late evenings, to discuss global issues. This year’s topics were Climate Change, Gender Equality, and Migration.

Various global crises came up during the conference which further challenged the delegates to multilaterally come up with resolutions. As different viewpoints clashed, debates got heated yet always remained civil and appropriate to the UN framework, with lunch and dinner provided by the conference hosts to further ensure delegates working together. As resolutions were written and proposed, students developed their soft skills, moved out of their comfort zones, and shined as UN delegates. For most students involved, this was a new but also formative experience which clearly enriched their studies here at UTSA. To top things off, the event was completed by an expert presentation delivered by Prof. Jeffrey Addicot, who is currently the director at the St. Mary’s University, Center for Terrorism Law. By the end of the third day, Security Council, ECOSOC, and Human Rights Council delegates left home satisfied at the accomplishments they achieved and the many, many resolutions passed.

After this successful conference, Faculty Advisor Dr. Matthias Hofferberth is dedicated to host the 2017 Alamo Model UN Conference in the Fall next year, as well as taking the Model United Nations team to compete with other student delegates at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York. For more questions on the Model United Nations Society at UTSA or this particular conference, please contact or go to for more information.

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