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M.A. in Geography

The M.A. in Geography degree is designed to give graduate students the ability to analyze social processes and the physical environment across a range of cultures and historical periods, using appropriate methodologies and data management techniques. The program is especially designed to give students insights into a variety of regional social, environmental, and economic problems, and to exploit the strong international connections that the geography faculty have established. Faculty will encourage students to become involved in professional geography through pertinent internships, conference presentations, publication, and membership in the Association of American Geographers.

M.A. in Global Affairs

The M.A. in Global Affairs program is designd as a new approach to blend traditional knowledge with new themes. It is a focused and practice-relavent study of issues, conditions, and scenarios associated with globalization and the politics thereof. It aims at comprehensiveness as well as coherence and promotes rigor and flexibility. The curriiculum is structured but also grants you choices to shape the program to your own specific interests and needs.

M.A. in Political Science

The M.A. in Political Science is a versatile degree that provides students with a set of transferable skills that are necessary for success in any workplace, including research design, quantitative and qualitative research methods, theory and argumentation, critical thinking and analysis, writing skills, and presentations skills.  The program provides students with an opportunity to specialize in American Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory and Law. 

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Andrea Aleman
MS 4.03.58



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