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Dr. Navarro received her master’s degree from the University of Texas at El Paso and a second master’s degree and PhD in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


She specializes in Latino/a politics, women in politics, and race in American politics. Her most recent publications include Latinas in American Politics (Lexington Press, 2016) and Latino Urban Agency (UNT Press, 2013). She has co-authored Politicas: Latina Public Officials in Texas, authored Latina Legislator: Leticia Van De Putte and the Road to Leadership, and co-edited Latino Americans and Political Participation, as well as several articles on Latina judges in the Texas judiciary.  She is currently writing a book tentatively titled Leticia Van de Putte and the Race for Texas Lieutenant Governor.


Dr. Navarro is active in the local community and offers training seminars on minority women running for elected office. She is also an avid cyclist and runner.

Recent Courses

  • POL 1133 Texas Politics and Society
  • POL 3093 Mexican/American Politics
  • POL 5113 Latino/a Politics

Recent Publications

  • ."Latina Legislature: Leticia Van de Putte and the Road to Leadership". Texas: Texas A&M Press. (book). 2008.
  • "Politicias Latina Trailblazers in Texas Political Arena" co-authored w/ Coranado,Martinez-Ebers, Jaramillo, Garcia (book). 2008.
  • "Latinas in Latino Politics" Latino Politics: Identity, Mobalization, dn Representation". Co-authored w/Fraga. University of Virginia Press 177-194 (segment of book). 2007.


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