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Dr. Vaughan has taught a wide variety of classes here at UTSA, covering topics related to physical, environmental, and urban geography. He has also taught classes at other universities on cities and the cinema, urban sustainability, the “urban experience”, and land use planning. Dr. Vaughan has been teaching for over twenty years, and welcomes working with students one-on-one.  


He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Geography from Texas State University and his undergraduate degree in Economics from Stanford University. Dr. Vaughan believes in ‘”applied geography” and has worked as a city planner, planning  commissioner, real estate broker, land use consultant, and managed a long-term contract  between Texas State and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality related to storm-water management and permitting. He currently lives in New Braunfels and has two grown daughters, Kelly and Jamie.    

Recent Courses

Classes taught at UTSA;

Grg. 2613 Physical Geography

Grg. 3523 Introduction to Urban Planning

Grg. 3623 Geography of Natural Hazards

Grg. 3733 Urban and Regional Analysis

Grg. 3723 Physiography

Grg. 5433 Environmental Landscape Management

And special studies Grg. 4953 and Grg. 6973

Additional Information

Earl, Richard, and James Vaughan. 2015. Asymmetrical Response to Flood Hazards in South-Central Texas. Papers in Applied Geography, 1:4, 404-412, DOI: 10.1080/23754931.2015.1095792.


Day, Frederick A., and James W. Vaughan. 2010. The Evolving Landscape of the Austin-San Antonio Corridor - Personal Reflections and Research Directions. Landscapes, Identities and Development in Europe and Beyond, Eds. Zoran Roca, Paul Claval, and John Agnew; Territory, Culture and Development Research Centre, Lisbon.


Vaughan, James W. 2008. Imperiled Sustainability: A Tale of Planning and Growth in Two Texas Cities.  The Southwestern Geographer.  Vol. 11:153-169.


Vaughan, James W. 2007. Modern Communities: Challenging Traditional Concept of Place. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences. Vol. 30: 226-235.

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