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Born and educated in Germany, I started my tenure-track as Assistant Professor at UTSA in January 2013. Before I came here, I completed my M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science at Goethe University, Frankfurt. My work relates to world politics. In particular, I am interested in non-state actors and their involvement in global governance. I also share a broader interest in theories of action and in interpretive as well as reconstructive methodologies.

I recently published a book on 'Multinational Enterprises in World Politics' with Nomos and my journal articles appear in International Studies Review, Journal of International Relations and Development, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, Business and Politics, Global Society, and Palgrave Communications.

I regularly offer courses related to global governance, international organizations, and related themes which reflect my research interests. I approach teaching from an interactive, engaging, and student-centered pedagogy since I believe this offers the best way for students to learn and obtain new skills.



  • Ph.D., Goethe-University Frankfurt, 2012
  • M.A. in Political Science & Contemporary History, Goethe-University Frankfurt, 2007

Current Courses:

  • POL 2533 - Introduction to Political Science
  • GLA 3103 - Research Methods in Global Affairs

Upcoming Courses:

  • POL 3763 - Globalization (Summer 2018)
  • GLA/POL 3513 - International Organizations in World Politics (Fall 2018)
  • POL 5043 - International Politics (Fall 2018)


Recent Courses


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Research in Progress

jUnpublished Conference Papers / Work-in-Progress:

General Research Topics & Interests:

  • Agency & Actorhood in Global Governance
  • Multinational Enterprises & Corporate Practices in Global Governance
  • International Organizations, Interorganizational Relations & the United Nations
  • Discursive Foundations & Legitimizations of Global Governance
  • American Pragmatism, Relationalism & Social Theory
  • Interpretive & Reconstructive Research Method(ologie)s


Recent Publications

jRefereed Book Publications & Journal Articles:

Refereed Book Chapters & Reviews


Additional Information

I am proud to serve as the faculty advisor for the Model United Nations Society at UTSA - please find more information on our past 2017 Alamo Model UN Conference in the Fall here and keep your eyes open for the 2018 conference!


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