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About the program


Live and study in one of Tuscany's best preserved medieval towns

“The Classical World: Anthropology, Art and Culture” is a unique study abroad program organized by the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Department of Philosophy and Classics in collaboration with the Center for Anthropology of the Ancient World at the Università degli Studi di Siena. The program offers students the opportunity to learn an innovative approach to the study of the ancient world, while working with some of the top scholars in the field of classical studies and living in a city and region of Italy that is rich in history, culture and beauty.

Taking place over four weeks, the program is organized as a workshop in which students engage in the “hands-on” study of classical antiquity. A series of seminars explores major themes of the anthropology of the ancient world, including myth and religion, kinship and family, the relationship of the human and animal worlds, images, and economy and trade. Students also undertake their own research, studying these themes in literature, art and archaeology through on-site visits to museums and other places of historical, archaeological, cultural importance around Siena.


Classes are held in "Il Glicine"

The program's curriculum, developed jointly by UTSA and Università degli Studi di Siena staff, is taught by a team of scholars with expertise in myth; daily life in the ancient world; the relationship between man and animal; forms of identity; the reception of classical culture; and the pedagogy of the ancient languages in an anthropological perspective.


While studying in Siena, students live in the Graduate College “Santa Chiara”, which offers all the amenities of a modern residence in a historic setting. Minutes from Piazza del Campo, the College has single, double, and triple rooms (with Internet access), communal kitchen and dining space, classrooms, and a computer lab and study area.

 Program details

  • » In 2017, the program runs from June 9th to July 9th
  • » Students receive 6 upper-division credit hours (the equivalent of two summer courses) for completing the program with a passing grade
  • » Program courses are cross-listed with CLA and HUM
  • » Participants have full dining privileges at university cafeteries as well as computer and library access
  • » Meal tickets are provided for lunch and dinner every day of the week, except for the evening of the Palio
  • » There will also be a welcome reception and farewell dinner at a medieval Sienese restaurant
  • » Field work includes trips around Siena and to Arezzo, Pisa, Florence, and Rome