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College of Liberal and Fine Arts


Graduate Student News

January 30, 2018

Sarah Deleon successfully defended her Master Thesis, “Explanation in Wittgenstein's Atomism" in November of 2017, since then she has  accepted a position as adjunct professor of philosophy at National Louis University in Chicago.

 Marshall Naylor has published a paper, 'God, Evil, and Infinite Value', in the journal Religions

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Dr. Browning Keynote speaker at the XXVIth

August 3, 2017

Prof. Eve Browning was keynote speaker at the XXVIth annual conference of the International Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, held in Olympia, Greece, July 28-31 2017.  Her talk was entitled "Xenophon on Beauty".  She was presented with an award for "scholarly and research contributions to the sustaining of Hellenic ideals", and was inducted as an honorary member of the International Society for Olympic Philosophy and Culture.  She also presented a paper entitled "To Gaze upon Panthea" at the Bilingual Seminar on Xenophon's Philosophy, at Zacharo Greece on July 31st.

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Marshall Naylor successfully defended his master’s thesis, God, Evil, and Infinite Value

August 1, 2017

Thesis Name: God, Evil, and Infinite Value


Date of Defense: March 21, 2017 11am-12:30 pm


Description: Traditional theism conceives of God as unsurpassably and infinitely good. Mark Johnston in particular, taking a cue from Cantor’s work, understands God's value as absolutely infinite: a value that exceeds the cardinality of every infinite set. Since God is absolutely, infinitely good and since God necessarily exists, every possible world is infinitely good. The result is the leveling of value for possible worlds: every possible world is as good as every other possible world. Since the overall value of each world is absolutely infinite, the prevention of every instance of evil—no matter how much good that also prevents—cannot affect the overall value of the world. The result is that the familiar problem(s) of evil in the literature misunderstand the problem completely and the familiar responses fail.

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Philosophy Graduate Student Paper Presentation

March 31, 2017

Two of our graduate students are presenting papers at the 20th Annual Student Philosphy Symposiym at Texas State, Friday, April 7, 2017.

"Why Would god Allow Pointless Evil: Rowe's Atheological Argument" - Marshall Naylor

" In Fallibilism: gettier Problems and a Challenge to Turri's Solution"- Quintin Babaie

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Student Achievements

February 16, 2017

Congratulations to two outstanding Classics majors:  Linda McNulty has been awarded a Society for Classical Studies Minority Scholarship, and Bianca Pulido has been awarded a UTSA Mellon Humanities Pathways Fellowship

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Dr. Xunwu Chen Invited to The Philosophy Dialogue Series at Texas State University-San Marcos

February 9, 2016

Dr. Xunwu Chen has been invited to speak at The Philosophy Dialogue Series at Texas State University-San Marcos. His talk, “Global Justice and Humanity”, is scheduled for Wednesday at 2 p.m on March 2, 2016.

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