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Certificate in Latin

Certificate in Latin

The Certificate in Latin is intended for Classics & Humanities majors who wish to acquire more rigorous and thorough training in Latin language and literature, in anticipation of entering a graduate program in Classics or a related discipline, or of obtaining certification as a teacher of Latin at the secondary level. The Certificate is granted upon graduation from the university.

Students pursuing the Certificate in Latin must complete a minimum of 15 semester credit hours from the following courses:

LAT 2113- Intermediate Latin I : 3
LAT 2123- Intermediate Latin II : 3
LAT 2213 -Self-Paced Intermediate Latin : 3
LAT 3113 -Selected Latin Authors : 3
LAT 3213 -Latin Epic Poetry : 3
LAT 3223 -Latin Lyric Poetry  : 3
LAT 3253 -Republican Prose : 3
LAT 4013 -Advanced Readings in Latin : 3