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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Time Sheet FAQ

Weekly Time Sheets

Student workers in the positions of Reader/Grader, Lab Assistant, Tutor, and Student Clerk must complete weekly time sheets online using the UT Share Interim Workflow Solutions web site.  Hours can be entered daily and the form should be saved and submitted on Friday.  

The time sheet will electronically route to the student's immediate supervisor for approval and from there will route to the office for payroll data entry.  

Due to a multitute of glitches in the new system, it is important for each student worker to note where his or her time sheet is being routed to and to correct the routing if possible.  Complete illustrated instructions can be found here.


Complete Instructions for Time Sheets

If you need help, ask the office staff.


Link to Time Sheet Form

Important:  This link will take you to a MicroSoft Exchange log-in page.  You must type in your UTSA email and enter.  Then you will be redirected to a UTSA page where you will sign in with you UTSA network ID.  (Yes, you have to sign in twice!)

After you are signed in, you will find yourself on the page where you create your time sheet.

Under the Employee Forms header, choose "Review/Submit Timesheet - "Punch".


Pay Periods

There are two paydays per month, which may vary depending on how the weekends fall. On the 7th of the month you will be paid for the hours you worked between the 16th and the last day of the month.  On the 22nd of the month you will be paid for the hours you worked from the 1st through the 15th day of the month.

When a month ends during mid-week, you have the option of submitting an extra time sheet to cover the hours for that pay period.  Otherwise, that time will carry over into your next pay check.



If you have any questions about your time sheet or your pay, please ask one of the staff members in the department office.


Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to complete your time sheet each week, submit your time sheet each Friday, and double-check that your time sheet is routing to your immediate supervisor.  Unfortunately, if it is not done correctly, you cannot be paid.