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Wallace Joins Board of Voice of Love

February 20, 2014

Dr. Melissa Wallace has joined the Advisory Committee of The Voice of Love (VOL), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing training materials and resources to aid interpreters who work with survivors of torture, trauma, and sexual violence. 

About 500,000 survivors of torture and war trauma reside in the U.S. and millions more live around the world. Without interpreters, many of them cannot access medical, mental health, legal and other services. Survivors often need interpreters to begin their path to healing, yet it is a challenge for interpreters to give a voice to the deepest suffering that anyone can know. The content is traumatic for interpreters, and cultural differences add to the complexity.  Little in-depth training is available about interpreting for trauma and the goal of VOL is to deliver affordable, specialized training and training materials where need.

Wallace is Assistant Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies at UTSA and is a Certified Healthcare Interpreter. 



Dr. Melissa Wallace


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