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Dr. Fukuda Presents Research at TFLA Fall Conference

October 24, 2017

The Teachers Foreign Language Association (TFLA) Fall Conference was held at Arlington, Dallas on October 13th and 14th, 2017. Dr. Makiko Fukuda, Japanese senior lecturer, presented “Teaching perspectives of the Japanese people with film.” Her research effectively teaches the unique perspectives of the Japanese culture—such as modesty, patience and determination, ambiguity, dependence, and so forth with films. During the presentation, Fukuda stressed the importance of language education that incorporates culture by focusing more on perspectives and ways of the mind than products and practices.

 Fukuda explains, “Learning what people eat on what occasion is the information about the product, e.g., food and practice e.g., New Years’ tradition, which is indeed exciting information to share. However, what students need to know is why a certain people follows such practice so that when it comes time for the students to experience it, they can examine the differences objectively and respect the culture.”

She emphasizes introducing empathetic and awareness perspectives in the foreign language course provides the students with the understanding on how to respectfully interact with people from different cultures without making any judgements. This benefits students to become globally competent individuals who knows how to communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences. Dr. Fukuda offers the film class every spring semester under course title Japanese Film.


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