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New UTSA German Senior Lecturer, Sara Budarz

August 31, 2016

Meet Sara Budarz, the newest addition to the German faculty in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at UTSA.

Budarz comes to San Antonio from Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she earned her PhD and taught German at the University of North Carolina.  Although raised by a Finnish mother and an American father in Frankfurt, Germany, she grew to consider North Carolina home.

Her love for reading and researching literature, combined with her love for the German language and culture, cultivated an interest in teaching. Considering Berlin, Germany her second home, Budarz’s research focuses on the intersection of architecture and literature in Berlin and on how the spaces we inhabit change our behavior or sense of self. Mainly concentrating on the architecture of the 1920s and 1930s, Budarz is interested in the changes in the design of homes and offices at the time. She is also currently co-authoring a new version of the German-language textbook, Weiter Geht's.

She describes her classroom setting as “very student- and communication-centric,” in other words, students will enjoy coming to class. As a Senior Lecturer of German, Budarz will be teaching elementary and intermediate this semester and will add a literature and culture course in the Spring.

UTSA’s diversity is what drew Budarz to join the Roadrunner team. She hopes to create more activities outside of the classroom such asYoga auf Deutsch for German students. Budarz has high standards for the outcome of her classes and taking advantage of the German language, “My ultimate goal is to equip students with a framework for how to approach uncertainty, in any aspect of life, and feel confident in their ability to make the best decisions possible,” said Budarz.

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By: Andrea Avalos


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