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Modern Languages Graduate Student Is Published in COLFA Journal

November 10, 2022

Beyond Boundaries: Mastering the Liberal Arts

Beyond Boundaries: Mastering the Liberal Arts

Student in the Graduate Certificate in Linguistics, Wesley Cheung, was recently published in the COLFA journal, Beyond Boundaries. In his article, Cheung analyzes the issue of linguistic discrimination towards non-native (NN) English-speaking people of colour (POC). According to Cheung, accent discrimination is a universal yet socially accepted form of prejudice. Through an independent study developed with linguistics professor and researcher, Dr. Whitney Chappell, Cheung explores the topic of accent discrimination towards NN POC speakers with examples from the classroom, the judicial system, offshore call centres, and advocates for increasing our exposure to NN POC accents to build trust and reduce listeners’ accent biases. Thank you Wesley for your important contribution!

Read Cheung's work here.

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