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College of Liberal and Fine Arts


Dr. Wallace Edits Legal Translation and Court Interpeting Book

November 13, 2017

As the demand for legal interpreters rise, the regulations and standards must be maintained. Recently published by Frank & Timme, “Legal Translation and Court Interpreting: Ethical Values, Quality, Competence Training” adheres to advocates of language justice and legal translation and interpreting studies.

The publisher elaborates:

This multidisciplinary volume offers a systematic analysis of translation and interpreting as a means of guaranteeing equality under the law as well as global perspectives in legal translation and interpreting contexts. It offers insights into new research on

• language policies and linguistic rights in multilingual communities

• the role of the interpreter

• accreditation of legal translators and interpreters

• translator and interpreter education in multiple countries and

• approaches to terms and tools for legal settings.

The authors explore familiar problems with a view to developing new approaches to language justice by learning from researchers, trainers, practitioners and policy makers. By offering multiple methods and perspectives covering diverse contexts (e.g. in Austria, Belgium, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Norway, Poland), this volume is a welcome contribution to legal translation and interpreting studies scholars and practitioners alike, highlighting settings that have received limited attention, such as the linguistic rights of vulnerable populations, as well as practical solutions to methodological and terminological problems.


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